usedbooks on Sept. 20, 2021

Although this arc is essentially a stalling device while I work through writer's block, the “current day” recurring characters like Isabelle are keeping it relevant and interesting for me. Like I have mentioned before, Misaki is one of my favorite characters, but she's not quite as relevant since she died ~14 years prior to the “current day.”

I am changing up my art tools. I am tired of cursing out the broken leads of my fancy, expensive, mechanical pencil. Not sure why I was so hung up on using 0.5 lead with my heavy-handed style. I drew this page with a wooden pencil. I invested in special grips and an electric sharpener. I also bought a thin light box, so I'll be able to draw on cloudy days. It's weird when you do something one way for so long (fifteen years), you can't fathom trying something different.

I dunno if the result looks any different. The process is much more comfortable (albeit a little scary without so much precision, a lot… looser).