Epilogue: Page 10

SarahN on Aug. 16, 2010

Aaand close with this song. XD

That's it…..HAHAHA. Hoyy, I'm actually terrified about how everyone's going to react to this. Please don't kill me.

A big message page will be posted here soon (with a ‘The End’ page at the same time), explaining what's happening next. Though I can say YES, THE MAIN VP STORY WILL BE CONTINUED NOW THAT VPX IS DONE. However, there will be an intermission before I get the main VP story going again.

This is how I planned to end it for a while now so I stuck with it. With Jack, having slaughtered all of those vampires, simply stating he feels better. If everyone finds it stupid…ah well, real sorry. Maybe it doesn't work as well in comic form as it does in my mind.
Don't get too pissed as it was only a backstory comic, and a rather experimental one.

The gist of it: Jack was driven insane and will continue to do Orlock's bidding, and Topaz, despite everything, decided to stay with Jack.

Oh yeah, VP has a Facebook page now.