0086-The end

ErrePi on Nov. 26, 2010

For the fanart strip.


Hello folks. Notice how rarely I update now?

I think I've lost interest in this comic. For a while I started to dread drawing this comic. That's when I realized something was wrong.

Man, we never even reached 100 strips.

I apologize for not being able to keep up. I had a fun time in the summer but I ended up debating with myself for a couple month what the best course of action for the comic and I think I need a new beginning and a different way to tell the story.

So I suppose it hasn't really ended. Though I completely changed the tone and everything. If you want you can continue to see everyone again in my new comic Elsewhere in St. Antoine.

As a parting gift here's a shitload of icons for you guys!

Feel free to use them as you wish. I think I got everyone?

Well, folks. It's been fun. I'll see you around.