VAV #101

loam on June 13, 2010

It's still Monday in America, right? So I'm still updating on time, right? Because it's 00:30 here - ugh.
Came home at 10 PM because a friend of ours was playing his first chess tournament and the boyfriend said we should go with him for emotional support or something. And after he was done (lost, unfortunately), they analyzed the game, which ended up with 5 different people playing at the same time. Yeah, I kinda lost track of what exactly happened…

Anyway, that left me with only 2 and a half mindblowing hours to make this strip - fortunately, we turned on the TV and guess what was on? SOCCER!
I don't like soccer. Tried to like it. But that's just never going to happen. I really don't see the appeal. But really, take all the bitchin' with a grain of salt. I don't hate it THAT much. I'm just not that much into the fuzz everybody is making about the world championship lately :)

The joke basically wrote itself, funnily enough. While I scribbled around and was at panel 3, thinking about a proper punchline, Mark was, in fact, blurting out the line-ups for tomorrow. Yay coincidence.

Going to bed now. Enjoy :) Have a nice week!