We Are The Duck

Genejoke on June 5, 2015

What is We Are The Duck?
We are the duck is a community comic made by members of the (drunk) duck community. Yes, that potentially means you. 
What kind of comics will it post?
All kinds of comics.  satire, drama, comedy, horror.  But not porn, the rating is mature to give a broads stroke, however there has to be a limit somewhere.  These will mainly be short stories or even one page gag strip. There may also be magazine like features, discussions, games and reviews. if you have an idea for a feature, suggest it.
How can I help?
You could write a script, you could draw someone elses. You could volunteer to colour someones line art, or maybe create line art for a page or story. You could send us a completed short story. You could help with reviews or put your comic up for review.  At the point we haven't worked out how we will do reviews.  
Do I have to draw a whole story?
Absolutely not, drawing a single page would be very welcome. Many of use will be doing this as a side project and may not have enough time to complete a story, however short, As mentioned, if you want to offer services as line artist, colourist, letterer, or even proof readerthat is great.  If you want to do the occassional page, that is also fantastic.
Is my art or story good enough?
Absolutely, there will be all kinds of styles and levels of experience posted and all will be welcome. Like drunkduck in general we will be kind and welcoming rather than harsh and critical.

When does it launch?
Good question, I am making sure I have enough pages built up before starting updating. First I would like to get the design aspects done. Sure I could do it, but why not make that a community effort too? 
Would you be interested in a design for a logo, or background,  or maybe navigation arrows?
Totally, I've started making some but I would not only welcome the help, but would prefer to make the design a community effort too.
How do I contact you?
you can post a comment here, or send a PQ through the duck, or send me an email genejoke.alex@gmail.com