War Machine 20

Neilak20 on June 11, 2007

Page 20 of War Machine and the Last page of this comic.

This scene is supposed to take place in an underwater meeting area in the city thing. I dont like the design of the area, the camera angle, or the rendering of the characters. Eve looks like a Monkey Made out of Pipecleaners.
Theo's thought bubbles, the square thingies, are distracting from the page.

Overall, I think I learned alot from this project:
1) Write script before hand, know where story is going!
2) Know the correct page ruleings
3) Save files at printable size
4) Dont over tone!
5) Think ahead on dialoge placement
6) Think ahead on Character and location designs (Dont wait to do them when you get to the page their needed on! Do them ahead of time!)

I might redo this story at sometime, but probably not.
There will not be any more pages on this after this one.
Thank you for reading, I hope this has been informative.