Interlude 31

MeHighLow on March 6, 2011

Hey everyone!

We would just like to let you know that now this tale has ended, Weave will be going on a hiatus.

We are really thankful for every single reader who has had the tenacity to follow the story so far, since there remains plenty more to tell and a whole bunch of pieces to fit together. But not now.

Manda got the train rolling, since his part is more time-intensive and increased obligations and other projects were taking up more and more. But the truth is, lately I find it hard to find time and funds to do everything that a webcomic requires. I need to write, rewrite, step up my game, promote - and that all takes its toll.

If an artist steps in, Weave could continue, but it is hard to tell at this moment. I know that finding an artist willing to invest time and talent for next to nothing is unlikely, but it can always happen. If you perchance want to be a part of the art of Weave Tales, write to

So - for now, both Manda and I wish to thank you for all your support, all you wonderful people who have read and commented.

Special thanks goes out to all you hyper-wonderful DDers who have followed us and helped us get these two badges of honor you see above this text.

Hope to see you back here soon!