28 - A Cornered Fox Is More Dangerous Than Lupus.

Finale on Feb. 12, 2008

Ah, Liquid Snake. Probably one of the most awesome characters ever. Makes sense, therefore, that he should be one of the Dream Lords. However, he really never does smegging die. Hind-D crashes, Stinger Missiles, falling from Metal Gear, car crashes, even FoxDie… But hey, he's got an explanation.
Also, Azure gets a sprite update. Looks a lot better now, courtesy of a redesign. Final's also had one, but that's waiting for plot reasons. Which makes things so much harder for me. I don't have as many poses with this outfit. And it's a tough one to make poses for, due to the intricacy.

Sprite Credits: DBurraki, Xeric, Cylent Nite, ?Unknown?.
BG Credits: Heavy Megatal.