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noroone on Aug. 30, 2008


Homg, it's meh nu comic! O:

Well, for those of you who don't hate me yet for leaving you hanging, I bring you The Tale of the Rose, a tribute webcomic based on the story by the amazing LGTB writer Emma Donoghue.

The Tale of the Rose is a story from Emma's book “Kissing the Witch”, which I know most of you my beloved readers would love, since its a retelling of the clasic fairy tales, but with a lesbian twist. TTOTR is the Beauty and the Beast retold, and its my favorite story from the book.

The reason why I'm doing this comic, besides being completely in love with this story, is to take a small vacation from creative writing (since I haven't been able to write a decent plot in the last 4 months ._.). While I try to overcome my writer's block, I'll work on this short webcomic so you hate me a little less when I release my original work, whenever that is ._.

If by the time I finish TTOTR I haven't come up with a plot yet, then I'll go ahead and make a comic of my second favorite tale from the book :3 Let's hope that doesn't happen, by then I'd be extremely frustrated 3:

So, please go check the comic out :3 Hope you still like my art. Oh, for what is worth, it is going to be full color O: