Ch. 1 Pg. 10

Macattack on May 9, 2012

And we're still in business! I'm slowly trying to move over from drawing on paper to drawing on the computer so this page is about 50/50. Plus, they finally have necks! this makes me happier than it should :P
As I mentioned before, Chapter 1 is mostly a plot exposition chapter so expect it to go a little bit slower than other chapters (don't worry there is still some excitement in it) This was kind of one of those “Let's see how much exposition about each character we can fit into one page without forcing it!” pages. Yes Chet is a jerk, but sadly he's also a super popular jerk that all the girls are in love with. 
Likes: Jennifer's angel glow, Kailee's daydream pose
Dislike's: Drawing buses, the lack of dynamic poses with Chet as a kid and Kyle falling over
Anyways, enjoy! and hope I get next week's page up faster for you all! Also I'm back to updating on dA again! huzzah!