Story 1 Pages 65-68

steve_sloan on Dec. 31, 2007

Nikki's line in strip #2 is an exact quote from one of the women she was originally based on (3 of them, in fact). The art continues to improve and pretty soon I reach the plateau I'm still at, whatever that means. Enjoy. I'm working on Witchthorn issue 13 now and have it scripted, and the first few pages completed. I'd advertised for a new writer and received a reply from someone who looked like a great fit, but, what with this being the interwebs and all, he turned out to be a flake, who disappeared without further commitment – at least I hope he's a flake, and that nothing bad happened on his end. I guess I'll never know. So despite my collaborations with Eric Lamont (on The Nullifiers) and Eric Robinson (on Whipshadow), Witchthorn will remain my baby.

– I just completed a move to a new home and am unpacking things. I thougt I'd uploaded the complete set of archive Witchthorn strips to a storage server, so I can complete the daily archive here, but apparently I didn't. So as soon as I get my home computer set up, probably by tomorrow, I'll start uploading again.