Book 1 cover

Rina_ran on July 9, 2006

Finally made a spiffy cover for my comic. For the longest time I didn't know how I wanted it. But when I got a comment from my sister on how Rale looked on the front cover, I knew I should use that picture. ^-^

Now she wants me to redraw that picture, cept place him under a waterfall in a white T-shirt. *giggle* Bout time she started gving me good feedback.


Welcome all to my manga, Within Shadows. A story that'll follow a boy's journey through a land hidden beyond our shadows, to find his brother. Prepare to meet a variety of charcters, each created by a member of TSL's forum. (Link Above)

Why I decided to create the manga-
TSL was the first forum I really joined and felt apart of. Even though I was new, I wasn't treated differently from the older members (which is something I had experienced). The members are a real community, they're not just a bunch of people who are there “just to chat” or “just to RP”. They're there to give the other members sense that they're not forgotten, that they have a friend, that someone would gladly RP with them, and that people will listen to issues whether they be irl or online.
Even though the forum started dying, a few members still remain to do the above mentioned. To me, they deserved something really special, so I created this comic series using their characters and characters of past members that really impacted the forum.

We grow up, we move on, but no one really seems to actually forget the place. Old members tend to show up every-so-often. It's a small place, but it's kind.

When does this comic update?-

Wednesdays and Fridays, unless noted otherwise.

Who am I- (until I learn to make my own Author page)

I am Marina Guenther. Half Asian, Half German. My birthday is May 8th and my Chinese Zodiac is the snake. The persona I use is a black foxgirl named Rina-ran. I love nearly genre of manga, and am determined to create and publish my own one day.
I don't mind humorous comments or tough critique. But if you flame me without good structure or excuse…I'm gonna laugh at you and talk behind your back.
It's hard to get on my badside.

Talk to me on MSN as

Who's this Yanyan person? -

Yanyan is my black shorthair cat. I like calling her my editor for fun. She's always around and she keeps me busy somehow.


Feel free to e-mail me with questions, personal comments (If you don't want others to see), suggestions for music and I'll LOVE to get fanart one day. (also, feel free to e-mail me if you can help me make html pages to create character, fanart, and “About the Author” pages)

Or on MSN Messenger.

If you ever see a mistake in spelling or grammar. Please tell me!

Also, visit my DeviantART gallery. (Link far below)

Thank you all, and I hope you enjoy Within Shadows.

Rina-ran out` =3