Rina_ran on Feb. 5, 2011

*stares at screen* Oh god, I updated!

I was right. Drawing a lot of WS stuff got me back in the right mood. (the fact I don't have any gifts or commissions to do either also helps).

For those still around, Thank you. Especially the original WS crew who had no problem reminding me to update (especially Taki). I even got some emails from random fans telling me to please update, especially one I would like to thank; Jordan, who went through all the pages and pointed out all my spelling mistakes. I'll get to fixing all the ones I can soon!

And at least 3 people from Megaten telling me the same. And my boyfriend… I can't keep ya'll waiting forever! So thank ya'll for having no problem getting on me about this. Eep.

btw, I'm also catching this comic up on MangaBullet. So ya'll can read it there to if you have an account.


I know it's been really long, but does anyone else remember the Doom Berries? (or the so-called name we all gave them?) Yeah, they're pretty bad for you.

And I have no clue why this page took so long to do. Not the prcrastination. I mean, once I started it took me what I think is 6 hours to complete. .___.;