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Tantz_Aerine on May 15, 2010

Hello, hello!

Welcome to my next comic project, due to start updating weekly on Monday, June 21 so that I can build an acceptable buffer.

This is a story set in the 1940s, in Greece during the time of the Nazi Occupation. The characters, I will introduce here every other day before I whisk those pages away in the (soon coming) ‘cast’ area, but I am proud to say that this is going to be a historical adventure:

The premise and the characters' profiles/capacities are based on people and situations that DID take place and have been historically documented, and in the appropriate section I will give that relevant historical info for the history nuts.

Now, cutting to the chase, this is a cloak-and-dagger, spy and resistance action/mystery adventure. Bullets, spies, microfilms, traitors, heroes of all shapes and sizes, we got it all in this story, and I certainly do hope you will hop on for the ride!

Also, my style for this will be different than Wolf, as I am drawing everything directly into the computer, I plan to fully shade it and *drumroll* computer letter it, too!

Who is a happy camper? I am a happy camper!

I really am excited and it shows, since I chatter so much about it already.

Be prepared to meet the main cast at LEAST, the chaps posing for their picture above in the upcoming days! ;D

PS: pay no attention to the layout/title image as I will be receiving html-savvy help real soon with it! :D