Stage 1: Behind the Reploid

StephODell on Nov. 9, 2007

Welcome to X.A.Z.

I started this a year or so ago, because I wanted to draw something funny and random. I'm a huge Megaman junkie, so I picked that, drawing the characters from my favorite Megaman series, ‘X’, in regular clothes. Not because I wanted to be different, but because it is beyond my ability to draw them in armour. T3T

Anyway, it really took off, and everyone on DA loved it, so I did more and more. It eventually crawled to a halt reciently, but I'd like to do more, digitally coloring them this time instead of using pencil crayons and felts like before, which look messy.

Comic 1 had a Rumiko style to it, which I promptly dropped for something more my own. It became easier to draw this way as well.