YODF *Updated*?

Dementia Praecox on June 22, 2008

I'm back! I've *really* been in a mood to update, and so I *shall*. Gosh… I saw previous pages with all those readers and I was like “…”. Seriously, guys– *thank you*. I'll do my best to deliver more.

I'm afraid I won't get much time to go around commenting on your comics, as I enjoy putting in actual *comments* and I've got a part time job and a *crazy* amount of summer homework. I've also got plans to work on the prop room for my drama department and I've got *letters to write*. Whoo. (I *hate* writing letters…)

I *also* will not be adding many friends. If you'll excuse my saying so, I very much dislike the “friends” system. It's a personal thing. Iiiiiffin you'd like to be my friend, why, just join my forum! *shameless plug* http://dimarchai.proboards106.com Also, you can IM me, if you so wish, as there's a *goood* chance I'll only be on DD to update. IM: DimarchianMagus MSN: dimarchianmagus@aim.com (Aermis)

I plan to restart YODF. I don't know what to do with all the old pages, as I don't exactly want to *delete* them…. They've got comments on ‘em that I wanna go back and see sometimes. So! I’ll be adding to the current archive of things until I get some readers back, then I shall make a *seperate* comic for it.

I also plan to start a comic called “The Storyteller”, about a male author in search for the best story known to man. It's got wit sprinkled in it, as I realize it has the potential to be pretentious. Fear not! … It prolly *won't* be the best story known to man. Hm… maybe he should look for the *worst* story known to man….

You know, a manuscript with only a period inside? Not even a “the end”. Just a period. Or maybe an ellipsis to stand for “to be continued”. … I'd read it.

Anyway, I realize I'm *still* not an outstanding artist, and that my proportions are wonky. Realize, however, that this picture is a mite sketchy as it's just me, informing people that I am, indeed, back. So, I do hope you enjoy whatever comics I may put out! Thank you *all* for reading.