Day After April Fools

dgriff13 on April 1, 2009

Sadly, I have some semi-sad news. Due to time constraints, and for the best interest of Z&F, I'm going to stop updating here at drunkduck after #250. (This is #249) Believe me, this is very hard for me to do, as drunkduck is where I started, and I am overwhelmed with everyone's support and dedicated readership. It's just best for a webcomic to be in ONE place. However, I do plan on coming back to read my favorite comics here I simply cannot leave behind. So, you have not seen the last of me, mwahahahaha!

And I would love to see you all around where I'll be updating 2-3 times a week as always, you are of course VERY welcome, and can leave comments for me just like you can here. If you are at all like I was a year ago, you may not know of the JOY of RSS feeds. You can subscribe to my website and your RSS reader, and whenever I update it'll let ya know! Just like here on drunkduck! I use google's reader, so if you already have a gmail account, it's a cinch to set up. Even if you don't there's tons of other readers, or you can sign up for google reader anyway!

So, again, I am very sorry and I hope this is not held against me. Drunkduck and it's members will always be a big reason for why Z&F has reached 250 strips!!!!

P.S. missed seeing an update this Tuesday? Guess what- it's over at my mainpage, and it's a good one!