Page 10: Keys

TheMidge28 on June 28, 2009

I'm on fire!
Another page and on time!
Also I am finding a rhythm with making pages which feels good.
I really dig the flow and layout to this page.
I know some people don't like breakouts, meaning when a character or element “breaks out” of a panel. Its not traditional.
But I haven't been one for Fiddler on The Roof!

And came up with some elements for the story which will appear in upcoming pages which I hope people will enjoy.

So if things go great this week, I hope to have new page next Monday. Here's to hoping!

Again thanks for the support!

7/7/2009, I do apologize, but I over estimated how well I was doing with upcoming pages. I will be delayed in posting the next. I hope it to be up next Monday 7/13/2009. Hope to see ya then.

Replies! finally:

plymayer: it is quite mysterious!

Bocaj: Thanks buddy! :)
and this for you in fond memory of Billy Mays

repoman: I'm glad the breakouts are fitting. When working a page its hard to get input til after you're done and posted. I appreciate the comment.
I believe his chivalry is suspect… see next page.
also big congrats on the well deserved feature! :)

MrHades: thank you. :) question: when would it not be good decision to break the gutters?

Doctor Shadow: You can say that again!

Lemniskate: for the page or our stalking creepy guy?

Crimsonskystudio: Thanks for the support! :)

cs3ink: Thanks for your support as well, Chip. :)

albone: lol! Always look for the silver lining to that dark cloud!

SlideStudios: I feel at this moment I should say in the classic Kasey Kasem voice who voiced Shaggy on Scooby Doo… “Zoinks!”

df karnowski: Thanks for the support! it hasn't been unnoticed. :)

trevormueller: And big thank you to you too, Trevor, as well!

DAJB: Girls always seem to ask the silly wacky questions, don't they?

Jabali: Yup! Now what does he have plan for her? Thanks for confirming the breakout decision. :)

that yellow kid: Thanks for the support! :)

armandoB: Oh yes!

G_D: thanks!
Graphictruth: and to you as well!

harryQ: I don't think much scares you, my dear friend. You are master of layouts!

Starwolf: Hello! Hello!

Yer my b: Holla! Finally!

roycemarie: How are you doing? its been a while.

Otherjay: I hope it doesn't trickle too fast and right off the page.

Ironscarf!: Second Favorite! Thanks for the comments. Its hard with making the best decisions with the blur effects. But I will keep that in mind.

Hugo Maximo: Glad to have you! I hope you enjoy the ride!

Abt Nihil: The making sense thing would make a wonderful discussion.
Maybe I should start a thread in the forums…. I think I will.

Again I huge thank you to every one's support, comments and crits!