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freeway on Jan. 8, 2008

I have a bit of a confession to make. I wrote this comic some ten years ago now, I had broken my hand and was unable to work. So I stayed up all night watching the Indians take on the Mariners in the world series while working on this comic. I never really took it seriously and I made it up as I went along and this is as far as I got. Yet I seem to have got more interest for this comic than any of my others. So I guess i'm tied down to finishing it now. I promise I will do it in the same vein by keeping it tongue in cheek and by making it up as I go along. I always knew how it was going to finish (as I always do) just not how I was going to take it there. So while I put my thinking cap on here is a few bits of information about my characters I feel is relevant.

Faydoll and Inabunn are male characters while
Troopy and Jum Jum are both female
Troopy is also death and mute
And Yes Applefire is a giant pineapple.

Thank you everyone for the interest in Brutal Bunnie Babbits and your kind comments. To be continued