Featured Aug. 13, 2007
Teen, 150 pages

Take an ordinary piece of lined paper and start writing or drawing what's on your mind. It can be funny, controversial, sad, deep, anything! Best of all no deadlines!

Featured Aug. 10, 2007
Mature, 1 page

Last Place Comics doesn't take itself seriously, which can be seen by its name. That's probably one of the reasons why it's so funny. The art style is simple (although it does mature a bit as the comic goes on) and the jokes SEEM simple, but often come from around a corner to surprise you with just how funny they are. Definitely check this one out! (Rated M)

Featured Aug. 8, 2007
Everyone, 63 pages

When David Paxton is sent to a tough Texas prison, he has no idea that it's secretly run by vampires. The guards and warden prey on the inmates, confident that their victims can't get away…and that no one would ever believe them if they did.

Featured Aug. 6, 2007
Everyone, 1 page

“From behind a dark rock, the prince shall rise, a frog, more or less…” Rise for what? A revolution of course! But who is this prince? Could it be the reluctant Spadefoot? Read on to find out! (Rated E)

Featured Aug. 3, 2007
Everyone, 785 pages

Lancaster is not just any old detective. For one thing, he's not old and for another, he's a ghost detective! Watch him kick some ghost butt in this well conceived comic!

Featured July 23, 2007
Mature, 92 pages

Rod Valentine is a bastard and he parties HARD! The problem is, he just can't catch a break… Life is tough on Rod, but he deserves what he gets. It's very funny to watch him fail. Read about the fruitless quest to replace his brother's Armani shirt and laugh as he fails time after time!

Rated M

Featured July 18, 2007
Everyone, 96 pages

Thomas Zhou invented a laser resonator system that can create an endless variety of weapons from solid holograms! He decided to make up some story about a fighting style called Wu-Shi Fa, “The Way of the Weapon”, in order to sell it to investors. But as Thomas Zhou is about to discover, it's not just any made-up story! Fantastic art and intriguing storyline, this is one comic worth checking out! (Rated E)

Featured July 16, 2007
Teen, 112 pages

Strangely cute and morbid at the same time, Shiny Things is a comic for the easily distracted. This comic brings in a little bit of everything and it treats it all pretty disrespectfully, much to our entertainment. Simple but expressive art and off-the-wall jokes make this comic a winner. Also, who wouldn't want a swimming pool full of hot dogs?

Featured July 13, 2007
Teen, 280 pages

A Superhero by the name of Energize has come to Drunk Duck! This black and yellow saviour will protect us all from the scourge of evil and the forces of darkness. The story begins with a battle he's losing, trying to protect a pink haired girl, then we jump back in time two days to where he first met her. Who IS that girl? Well, follow the story and maybe you'll see.

Superhero action, rated T

Featured July 9, 2007
Teen, 91 pages

A beautiful and powerful sorceress, and a brave, noble, handsome (alas not so bright) swordsman set out on a quest for and ancient, magical jewel. Trolls, magic, zombies, swordplay, and more. With clever dialogue and wonderful art, it'll blow you away! (Rated T)

Featured July 6, 2007
Everyone, 248 pages

Here's what we know: His name is ‘Dan’ (probably) and he's British. He draws this comic, see. Sometimes they are 3 panel one day dealies, sometimes it's a continuing arc. But once this guy gets an idea in his head, it's always fun to see him run with it. And now, it's even in FULL COLOR! Check it out! (Rated E)

Featured July 4, 2007
Everyone, 110 pages

Who wouldn't like to hear some folk tales and facts about everyone's favorite not-bear, the panda? The arts-and-crafts paper collage style is unique and creative. Panda Panda takes a children's storybook approach to its pages and gives you a warm fuzzy feeling as you're reading it. (Rated E)

Featured June 29, 2007
Everyone, 191 pages

Welcome to Valhalla, home for the SuperTired (or is that SuperRetired?) This is where Dr. Rocket, Captain Spectacular, Spy Gal, Swifty, and the other do-gooders (and do-badders) of the superhero world end up. What nefarious schemes are afoot in this home for the elderly and incontinent? There is only one way to find out… (Rated E)

Featured June 27, 2007
Mature, 65 pages

Lola is a beautiful and deadly member of the Sy Kuang, a legendary, ancient society of assassins. But when the most powerful gangster in Chinatown marks her for death, Lola's only hope of survival is to bring down her former employer.

An edgy crime drama with lots of action and a kick butt female assassin. Did I mention it's also a love story? (shhh!) (Rated M)

Featured June 25, 2007
Teen, 102 pages

Was it a bizarrely horrific and unlikely series of events that an alien space ship carrying a top-secret bio chemical weapon crash landed into a graveyard and re-animated all the dead in the little town of Chalkville? Maybe. You got a problem with that?
One hero rises above to try and defeat the new evil lurking in the shadows. Will he succeed? We don't know, the story isn't over yet… Duh. (rated T)

Featured June 22, 2007
Mature, 962 pages

Excellent office humor, great pop culture references, and the occasional blasphemy. Good times, good times.

With clever dialogue and crisp art, this is the perfect comic for you to slack off in your cubicle and read. Go ahead, we won't tell the boss.

Featured June 20, 2007
Teen, 204 pages

The Chronicles of David Adams is about the true nature of reality and man as God. Does David exist in the world that he thinks he does, or are his dreams the true reality, is he “the Creator” of all life? See for yourself on this strange journey through the history of the world and mankind.

3D spectacle with Oblivion! (Rated T)

Featured June 18, 2007
Teen, 278 pages

Magic, sibling rivalry, sibling bonds, difficult obligations, and double dealing. This young group of friends and their antagonists face some difficult times together.

Get into the slick, full color art of Give Me The Sky ( Rated T)

Featured June 15, 2007
Teen, 492 pages

Rocketship A Go-Go isn't your typical Sci-Fi comic. This crew of three wise cracking gals Nancy Drew their way through mysterious mysteries and funky adventure with quirky humour and a retro feel. So slip on your skin tight suit, charge up your flashlight and lets go looking for some mermaids!

Featured June 11, 2007
Teen, 68 pages

Detective Fork is a hard-bitten investigator who has a tendency to poke around where he doesn't belong. This comic serves up dishy dames and troubled tines… er, times… okay no more puns. Detective Fork is a detective comic in the most fun sense. Crime, mystery, drama, and the dry comedy of all good noir. Rated T.

Featured June 11, 2007
Everyone, 97 pages

Fitting in isn't easy, especially when you're a big green monster trying to reform. With a little help from his friend Bigfoot and his human roommate, Tad, the Atrox just might make it after all.

A very special comic brought to you by the very “special” people at Team Atrox (Rated T)

Featured June 4, 2007
Teen, 253 pages

What happens when you corral a bunch of webcomic artists and ask them to draw individual panels while only seeing the panel that came before theirs? Well the obvious answer would be “chaos” but… it's slightly more organized and a lot more fun than that. Fusion is the Drunk Duck version of the game “Telephone,” a community project where just about anything can happen! Rated a very mild T.

Featured June 1, 2007
Mature, 28 pages

Did you ever hear the phrase “Careful what you wish for”? Well, with Genie Man around, you really, really, really should listen to that advice.

Enjoy the romps and adventure with this clever, well written stick figure superhero comic!

Rated T+

Featured May 28, 2007
Teen, 3 pages

Xenophobic aliens are bent on keeping their world an unknown and isolated secret…even if it means destroying all life forms on the planet. An exceptionally well put together comic with strong dynamic artwork! (Rated T+)

Featured May 25, 2007
Teen, 14 pages

Emma Melrose is a melancholic police officer in off-season Ocean City, Maryland. A good-looking comic with sharp writing, Softshell is a story of tourist town businesses, lives, and murders. Shaping up to be an intriguing read! (Rated T)


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