Featured Dec. 11, 2006
Teen, 72 pages

A man on a train has a run-in with an angry woman and her rude son… only to have his reality usurped in a rather sudden way. There is also the story-collector to consider. Beautiful art and a storytelling style of whimsey, mystery, and humor. We can expect great things.

Featured Dec. 7, 2006
Teen, 39 pages

Far-fetched exaggerated humor, wise-cracking jokes, and nutty characters make this comic a hilarious and fun comic to read… well done on the artwork too! Good job WingNut :)

Featured Dec. 6, 2006
Mature, 1 page

Atland on Drunk Duck! This fabulous comic will have you laughing out loud and eagerly page clicking to read the next. Keep an adventurous spirit and a good sense of humor in mind while reading this excellently illustrated comic of, yep, high adventure and low brow humor! Bravo!

Featured Dec. 5, 2006
Teen, 20 pages

The internationally famous comic Witchblade - created by Marc Sylvestri, David Wohl, Michael Turner, and Brian Haberlin - has now been added to Drunk Duck, courtesy of Top Cow Entertainment! Now you can view the first edition of this popular trade paperback right here on Drunk Duck, with updates regularly. In this first issue, see how Sara Pezzini first came into contact with the WITCHBLADE!

Featured Nov. 30, 2006
Teen, 59 pages

What if your high school crush turned out to be a dragon? Boy meets girl, or should I say - dragon meets girl in this adorable page turning comic by Oestaira.

Featured Nov. 29, 2006
Teen, 138 pages

What are Beer Noodles, and why are they so likeable? I'm sure it has something to do with the “everyman,” with the takes-a-second funny moments of everyday life, with stick figures, drunken philosophy and Australian jokes. Beer Noodles is a journal comic that manages to be unpretentious, maybe because of the fart jokes and missing teeth.

Featured Nov. 27, 2006
Everyone, 852 pages

Everyone experiences a bit of Culture Shock when they move someplace new. But what if you are a medieval knight? A ninja? An elf? And you all live in the modern age, together? Hawk skillfully writes this fun, unlikely story (and boy can he draw), which is a long time favorite on Drunk Duck.

Featured Nov. 23, 2006
Teen, 13 pages

Can a zombie comic be funny, even cute? I suppose that depends on how attractive you find confident yet demanding zombie girls. Or whether you think a tough yet boyish guy with a classic car and a shotgun is your type. Although a romantic relationship between zombie hunter and zombie sounds terribly unhealthy… well, there isn't an ‘although.’ There just isn't anything healthy about it.

Featured Nov. 22, 2006
Mature, 125 pages

Dreams in Synergy is another of those unique comics that defies any particular categorization. Beautifully painted visuals tell a surreal and disturbing story about life, love, humanity, and monsters. Both strangeness and beauty bubble over the surface and you aren't always sure you want to know what else is going on.

Featured Nov. 21, 2006
Teen, 169 pages

Grounded Angel is a manga-styled comic about a girl who has a lot to find out about herself, friends who aren't what they seem, and an evil plot to make the world a terrible place. Elements of romance, action, and drama make this comic a good read (not to mention the pretty pictures).

CAT by kcg
Featured Nov. 20, 2006
Everyone, 23 pages

This hilarious comic strip is about, well, you guessed it, a cat. Stirring up mischief and getting into trouble, his often dramatic antics are pretty funny, and the comic is well drawn. Bravo kcg!

Featured Nov. 17, 2006
Everyone, 29 pages

Cast out of the main dorms and forced to live in temporary housing in the Boughl Science Building, 14 members of the freshmen class of Freese college have been imbued with miraculous superpowers by the explosion of a mysterious device called the Ax-Cell-Erator! Co-created by Buffy and Italian Job star Seth Green and written by Mister Girth himself, Hugh Sterbakov, Freshmen is an uproarious combination of superpowers and college!

Featured Nov. 15, 2006
Teen, 145 pages

This is a comic which starts at Allan High school and leads through several dramas involving a cynical, bitter old teacher who loves to catch her students doing naughty things in detention… Kind of ironic that she is a teacher, since she hates children. Very humorous and well drawn out by PinkDiapers.

Featured Nov. 10, 2006
Mature, 261 pages

An “Anachronism” is something or someone that is not in its correct historical or chronological time, esp. a thing or person that belongs to an earlier time. This story winds around the fate of 6 high school students, and a tragic incident connecting them altogether… Story and artwork done by WillDrawForPocky.

Featured Nov. 9, 2006
Teen, 98 pages

Terminal does many comics on DD (all of which are feature-worthy, so check them too) but his top spot goes to LAX, which is more of a directed feature event (mixing in music, graphic design, architecture, animation, you name it) than a simple comic strip. It pushes the boundaries on what a webcomic can be.

Featured Nov. 8, 2006
Mature, 77 pages

Fullmoon Stories is a spooky tale told in poetic verse, about a man who tries to get his beloved wife resurrected with a magic potion. He is strangely surprised to find that… well, you'll just have to read to find out what he learns… Artwork and story cleverly done by VegaX.

Featured Nov. 7, 2006
Mature, 214 pages

Eliada follows the journey of the enigmatic Khat and his ebullient female companion, Nova, as they explore their magical land searching for his identity. They face many fearsome and dark adversaries on their journey, and discover that not all is as it first appears to be, not least with Nova herself! Elida is illustrated by I.M. Gallagher in a spare yet dreamy style with watercolour and pencil. His writing is always concise, yet expressive.

Featured Nov. 6, 2006
Everyone, 47 pages

Telenarius is a unique community project - a long-form comic written by Gregory, but illustrated by a series of guest artists. Each page has a new flavor and it is interesting to see different artists' takes on the story. A forbidden land, an old enemy, a prison escape, an evil working under it all…

Featured Nov. 3, 2006
Teen, 224 pages

Fated Feather is a fascinating journey through time on a mysterious ship with its all female crew and enigmatic captain. They're on a mission, but where? And why? And who is she following? What did he do to her? The artwork for this comic is at times mesmerizing and the story layers just keep on unfolding with each page. Kudos to Iagojester for an original and unusual tale.

Featured Nov. 1, 2006
Everyone, 130 pages

The WAVAM Project is a dark tale of war against vampires, and Cassy who's life is saved by one of them. The artwork and story are captivating.

Featured Oct. 31, 2006
Everyone, 214 pages

What is your question? This high-fantasy (and full-color, and rich-storied) comic follows a young thief's adventure in search of the knowledge and wisdom granted by Crysthel, the Crystal Dragon of All Knowledge, and the trials he faces therein.

Featured Oct. 26, 2006
Mature, 736 pages

Jenshin is the creator of the frequently updated and truly massive comic that is Two Moons. Two Moons is about a place where a massive corrupt institution genetically modifies humans using animal DNA. The comic follows their lives and struggles in the huge dirty city, as well as the machinations of the political elite and the corporation.

Featured Oct. 25, 2006
Teen, 199 pages

Illustrated in a beautifully blended 3D style, Crimson Dark is classic modern sci-fi space opera reminiscent of Firefly/Serenity, then mix in a bit of Star Wars and Babylon 5. This comic is professional grade stuff folks. Major kudos to David C. Simons the creator.

Featured Oct. 24, 2006
Mature, 39 pages

This classic fantasy quest kingdom-in-despair tale starts with a rip roaring bar fight that holds no punches, pulls no sword thrusts, and stacks up the bodies fast. Only 19 pages so far, but once the action starts you'll be begging for more. Rapid and substantial illustration improvement from the first to the 19th page as well. Tdot give us more!

Featured Oct. 23, 2006
Teen, 180 pages

Nerdcore is a great parody mixing elements from Sci-Fi, Fantasy, D&D, and pretty much anything else nerdy.

It's very funny and full of a ton of content. You'll have days of reading ahead of you once you start!

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