ch 04 pg 16

hchano on March 15, 2011


Oh Vix, you fail so hard :'D

So yeah, chapter 4 is a short one! Sorry about that. I will be taking a break from posting here for a bit. My wedding is in late April and I won't be able to update this place til afterward…and this seems like a decent place to break it off. I'd rather not do it mid-scene , so yeah…

Anyway, I will be updating again in May, probably, but I am not sure when. In the mean time, you can always try reading it on my main site, but I update there only once a week, so it might be a little annoying.

Or you could read some comics I personally really like:

panthera - this is my fave webcomic right now LOL. go in with the mindset of nostalgic saturday morning cartoons and you'll prob have fun with it :)

The Only Half Saga - Another dhampir story! This one follows a fella-dhampir named Cabal, who is pretty much hell bent on kicking his dad's ass. It's good ol vengeance with some awesome characters.

The Revolution - This one is still in it's early stages so it's a good time to check it out if you haven't~ I'm not sure how to sum it up yet …

Fey Winds - Satirical fantasy is the genre for this one… if you liked Slayers , you will probably draw some parallels to it. That isn't to say it's exactly the same , but it has the same joking mood with the dark story arcs.

Toilet Genie - I started reading this cos the name was ridic LOL. And it starts out goofy and cute, but I would like to warn you that it dips into story-book type stuff after a while and some world building type legends and stuff. It's pretty great. Even if you can't get into the story, the art is worth a look alone :)