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The Midweek Martin Moment #1

I've decided to make a blog every Wednesday so I can complain openly about all my petty problems. I made a catchy name, so now I'm ready to begin.rnrnSo, the next comic page is due out tomorrow. I have been a little busy (read: playing Fallout 3, setting up DOSBOX, rewatching the Harry Potter movies). I started the sketches yesterday and I started the Flash about an hour and a half ago. I'm like, not even 1/4 done the comic and it's taken me an hour and a half. WTF. I mean, I totally know why. 1) Adobe skullfucked Flash and left it to die in an alleyway, and 2) tracing stuff with a mouse takes a long time and has a huge propensity for DISASTER.rnrn—rnrnI'm maybe 2/3 done the comic now. I'm done the drawing part (minus sound effects and the GUI stuff) and will now proceed to add the text. I might be done soon! Hurrah


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