The Chronicles Of Nothing

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Yo! It\'s chazzthecoleslaf again. After my (failed) attempt of the (unfunny) pilot episode of the Misadventures of Skeeter and Ferris (now called the Chronicles of Nothing). I will update a comic every Sunday and add a character profile every week. Or not. Also, I\'ll add a \“Nothing Extra\” every . . . whenever I want. Adios.


Don't ignore this one.

Hey, if anyone still checks this comic, you may be noticing that I haven't updated since ‘07. Well, late ’07, PLUS the fact that there are, like, 6 pages or something. Well that happened for no good reason, which is reason enough to begin a new comic, starring the same two characters, appropriately titled “Skeeter and Ferris”. If you liked Chronicles, you'll love this new stuff I'll be cranking out. Hopefully.


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