The lost boys of hometown

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You have a question? I may have an answer.

This is the Q and A forum where people can ask me questions about the comic or anything else they might want to know.


Welcome to my world

I'll put updates here and what not here depending on what needs to be said.


Character sign up and assistance

Here is where you can ask to have your character in the comic. Just send a picture your sprite and leave a little bit about and I\'ll add it in if I like it. I\'m not picky for the most part but if it is truly bad I won\'t touch it. Most characters excepted into the comic will be guest stars but some maybe come part of the crew. When the comic catches up with the present day I will need a whole new crew of sprites. I have about 6 slots for that time and 2 are reserved only for girls.\r\n\r\nThis is also where you can ask me for help in sprite comics. Like I\'ll help with characters or upload pages what ever you need help with if I can. My skills have gotten a lot better over the year I have been spriting but I\'m not the best either. I am more then willing to help though. Anyway if you need help or want a crossover here is where to ask.


Da Chibi Laser catalog

Here is where you can request having a character turned into a dragon pup and see those that have been blasted by it already with their reactions.


Character Introductions.

Come here to introduce your characters from the RP. Don\'t know about other\'s characters? New and want to knw a bit about other\'s characters? Come here to find out!


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