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The Path: FAQ

Questions that are frequently asked about \“The Path\” and it\'s belligerent creator.


Art Trades

Want to do an art trade? Leave a message here! Or post your half of it here and guilt me into doing mine even faster!


The Path: Speculation Thread

Think you know where the story is going? Think you know which mythological creature/being is going to pop up next? Think you know which H.P. Lovecraft story will be referenced next? Well, pony up cowboy! Let\'s see what you got!


The Shifting Chaos

Everything else. Take pot-shots at the comic. Kill time. Whatever doesn\\\'t fit in the other categories. Plug your own comic to other \\\“Path\\\” readers…you name it! I\\\'d say \\\“Let\\\'s keep it work-safe\\\”, but what the fuck do I care? Go wild!



Contests periodically held for The Path. All the info you\'ll need is in here!


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