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That Ol' Walrus Voodoo

A place to ramble on and discuss the unmitigated awesome that is Voodoo Walrus.


Villemous Verbage

All things CreepKnight. From random babblings to thought provoking prose. Come here to gain a peek into the thought meats of Voodoo Walrus' Word Baron.


The Walrus Speaks AKA Voodoo Walrus News

Probably a good bet that news directly regarding the comic is here. Announcements, changes in the standard workings of things, revolutionary stratagems for global domination, and whatever else we feel is important.


Grymm Ramblings

A place for all things Grymm. Learn more about him. Ask about his art. Read as he babbles along in incoherent ways never really getting to a point but just being a mad bastard that can string words together.


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