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Lore: A role players journey

I've done a lot of role playig in the past, Lore is inspired by much of that.


The World.

Details of the world of Lore. Lots of references.


set building

One of the hardest parts of doing a CG comic is the set building. when you are drawing a comic you an just draw whatever you need, and yes in theory I can model whatever i need fro sets, but sometimes that can be very time consuming and tricky. Sometimes there is a premade set I can download or maybe already have that is perfect for my needs, other times… not. Even with a premade set, sometimes they need tweaking, or need putting together, interior sets are generally more common.
for exteriors… trees aren't too much of an issue unless you have lots and it can be a drain on resources, but there are ways around this. Towns… close up shots I can do easy enough, unless I need inique arcitecture. But if it's unique then I model it, or try to , how detailed a model do I need? Do i need to make the interior? do I need to custom texture it. It can be a very big but rewarding task.


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