Confessions of a Paper Doll

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The Drunk Duck Fashion Forum

Originated March 3, 2015.  Current update January 28, 2018.

Hi Fashionistas! #PAGEANT 2 is back and better than ever! Check out the Forum section for #PAGEANT 2!!!


Hi everyone! We've been on an obvious hiatus, but looking forward to returning. Also, #Pageant 2015, the longest running pageant in the history of pageants, is currently on extended hiatus. There are a few pieces that I have to put together and my mindset is not there. However, when it is finished, I plan on it being quite a special piece.

The 2015 â€ª#‎Pageant‬ started in June and we gave artists all Summer to work on their creations for 5 categories! This Fall we've been showing them to you bit by bit, here and in the Drunk Duck site on Facebook. The Community is judging with likes and votes. 

On November 9th, 2015 I started tabulating the scores.  1 point for each Facebook like to a photo and 100 points for vote of 4, 50 points for a vote of 3, 20 points for a vote of 2 (If you saw 25 that was a typo), and 10 points for a score of 1 on each photo.

Winners will be CROWNED (winning crown design by Dragonuar) for the vollowing categories.
Most points awarded for :
Overall Photo
Overall Character
Overall Designer
Overall Background Artist

There will also be a crown for each category winner.  Most points for : 
Best Fashion Parade
Best Interview
Best Swimsuit
Best Talent
Best Evening Gown.

8 CROWNS!!!!  All coming soon.
The Character with the most points will represent The Drunk Duck Community as Mr. or Ms. Drunk Duck.

In case of a TIE we will add a FINALS category and I will alert the finalists.
VELCOME…I am VinoMas, the “friendliest Vampire in the world”!  But you may know me as a  Travis Michael Moore, member of The Duck Webcomics (Drunk Duck) since 2004 and creator of Stiletto, Diva Petz, Guilty Pleasures, Guilty Confessions, YOUR CHOICE… and my newest creation…TravmoWorld Modelz Presents : Confessions of a Paper Doll!
This is the official site for The Drunk Duck Fashion Forum!  Here is what we have so far!
1.  MARCH 2015 : MARCH MADNESS : The Drunk Duck Fashion Parade! : a free-for-all of fashion!  Run by VinoMas!
2.  APRIL 2015 : FASHION of EARTHLY DELIGHTS : An Earth Day Gala! : a themed fashion show!  Run by Kawaiidaigakusei!
3.  MAY 2015 : May Fashion Contest : The Fashions of Yore! : a historical fashion contest!  Run by HippieVan! 
4.  JUNE, JULY, AUGUST 2015 : #Pageant! : full=fledged pageant with 5 categories.  Run by VinoMas!
5.  SEPTEMBER 2015: MAD MAX : a thematic fashion inspiration run by OzoneOcean!
6.  OCTOBER 2015: Halloween Costumes : Draw your characters in Halloween Costumes.  Run by VinoMas!
7.  NOVEMBER 2015 : Giving Thanks! :  Give thanks by drawing your favorite DD characters in your own desings or their styles.  Run by VinoMas!
A Message about #Pageant!
CONGRATS on #Pageant getting nominated for BEST COMMUNITY PROJECT!  I am overjoyed.  I can't even believe this new little project is already in the ranks with WE ARE THE DUCK and Heroes Alliance and congrats to Heroes Alliance on your Win!



Hi Fashionistas!

I welcome all of you:

* Those that used to post in the 2015 Fashion Forum Fashion Shows!
* Those that participated in the 2015 and 2018 #PAGEANTS 1 & 2!
* Those that are newbies!

In this forum we invite you to participate in a Fall Fashion Show.
This is how it works.
The first person will post a “model of your choice (all-inclusive)” wearing an outfit that goes with a FALL THEME.

I'll start with the first word : LEAVES

That means the first person to submit will create an outfit inspired by the Fall word Leaves.

Don't worry if you made a fashion with leaf-inspiration but someone already posted theirs. We can have more than one! It's fine! Post away!

But…just make sure you leave a different FALL word so that the artists below you have an inspiring word to create.

Make as many entries as you want. Make a comic strip if you want. Just have fun and be creative.

Remember: LEAVES


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