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Welcome to Children of the Gods

Gods Walk the Earth.

Children of the Gods·Wednesday, April 9, 2018
Children of the Gods is a new comic book from Infinite Forces. It is the collaboration of creators Sean Raphael and Iam Bennu. A story, some three plus years in the making, it examines mature themes of power, politics, religion, spirituality, science and celebrity. It dares to ask the question… “what does it mean to worship a god?” Its reception is likely to be thought provoking, controversial, challenging, but above all entertaining. And while its pages contain the familiarity of colorful super-heroes and their antagonists, it is our sincere belief that you have never read another super-hero comic book like it. More than your typical muscle bound superman in tights punching everything in sight, it features a living breathing fully fleshed out world with an overabundance of possibility. We give you Children of the Gods… welcome to the madness.


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