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"Real" Ghost stories
Roguehill at 6:52AM, March 28, 2007
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Ok, I adore ghost stories (which anyone could figure out from reading my webcomic), especially the local ones you hear directly from the folks who experienced it. My sister was doing a paper on ghost stories once and had me interview a few folks to hear their stories. When I started looking around, I was pretty amazed to find a story associated with almost everywhere you looked! Anyway, I thought it would be interesting to hear about other folks experiences or tales they've heard from friends or family. Here's just a few that I've picked up:

An older couple lived in the town I was born in back in 1968. They were living in a large-ish 2-story house with a beautiful spiral staircase. The husband ran a bakery/deli in a nearby town (10 minutes away in good weather) and since he had to open the shop early, his wife would get up with him to have coffee and conversation with him before he left.

It was winter, with a modest blanket of snow on the ground. In old houses (which are expensive to heat), it is often the custom to shut off rooms that aren't used to conserve heat, thus most of the rooms in the front of the house were closed (they were old-fashioned parlors, and more for entertaining than living in). After the husband (Bill) finished his breakfast, he put on his jacket and got ready to leave. His wife (Margaret) went with him through the closed off parlors to the front door to see him off. Bill stomped through the snow, got into his car and headed off. Margaret closed the front door and went back through the parlor into the kitchen to put things away and head back up for a little more sleep. A few minutes later, as she was putting the dishes away, she heard the front door open and close. She thought Bill had forgotten something, so she called out to him.
No reply.
Then she heard the door to the parlor open and close, nearer the kitchen, so she called out a second time, louder than before.
No reply.
Getting frustrated, she headed to the parlor and opened the door. As it was 5:00 in the morning, she turned on the lights. The room was empty.
She then walked to the front door and opened it, still calling for Bill.
No one was there. The car was gone, and the only footsteps in the snow were the ones Bill made as he was walking to the car.
Now Margaret was spooked. She went through the house, looking for someone and found nothing. She even put on a coat and walked around the house looking for footprints (in case it was a prowler) and there were none.
Needless to say, that was the end of sleep for Margaret. When Bill came in that evening, she told him about it and they both had a chuckle over it. Other strange sounds in the house later had them believing that there was some kind of ghost there…footsteps, closing doors, etc.
The house is still there, and I drive by it alot, thinking about what happened there.

Another story happened to my Mother when she was living in a small, one-bedroom house at the end of a street in the same town.
It was mid-day, and she was taking a break from her chores, sitting and reading a book in the living room while my Dad was at work. This was before any of us kids were born.
While she was sitting there quietly reading, she heard from the kitchen, two rooms away; what sounded like her large china cabinet falling face-forward on the floor. It shook the house, and she said she could hear the plates and glasswear breaking. She jumped up and ran into the kitchen.
Nothing was broken or out of place. Confused, she checked the rest of the house (it is a very small house) and found nothing out of order. Now, she started to get a little spooked and looked into the small attic and even into the storm cellar.
By this time she was feeling distinctly uneasy, and decided to spend the rest of the afternoon waiting outside for my Dad to come home. Of course, he laughed at her, saying everything seemed ok to him.
Years later, my Mom ran into the lady who owned the house after she had left. Out of curiosity, she asked if the woman had ever experienced anything odd in the house. The lady looked over at my Mother and said, matter of factly, “Eula, that place is haunted!”

I've got more I could tell, but no more time to tell it in! Maybe later.
Do any of you have stories or experiences to share? I don't want this to become a debate about the existance of ghosts….just a place to share our personal ghost stories!

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Aeon at 7:26AM, March 28, 2007
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There's a place near Clarksville, TN that's just about the scariest place I've ever seen.

Driving up the side of a mountain, you pass a few houses, but not many, before you're out in the old Tennessee wilderness, areas of land that have been portioned off to farmers who live smack dab in the middle of the acreage, not really near the roads. Driving through at night, you'll pass through fenced of cow pasture, then through new growth forest, then back out into pasture. In one of the forested areas, there is a row of concrete statues lining the road on one side, facing outward… or, at least, they would be facing outward if they still had heads. Lit by the glow of the car headlights, they seem to glow against the black of the forest behind them. They are inexpertly made, their anatomy is not realistic, but more like an Edward Gorey drawing in proportion.

The story I got was spotty at best, but the gist of it is that an old recluse lived in a cabin on the mountain in what was probably the late 1960s or early 70s (some of the statues feature little engravings on the bottom, one is labeled John F. Kennedy, and another Martin Luther King.) When he died (some versions of the story have him commiting suicide, others being murdered by punk kids,) a rumor started that he had secretly been wealthy, and had hidden the money in the heads of his statues. Over the years, or maybe all at once, hooligans removed the heads from every statue… including the heads of both the horse and rider at the end of the row of statues. A part of the man's cabin remains deeper down in the woods, off the road, and I was told that if you put your ear to the remaining wall, you can hear the sound of kids laughing and crashing through the undergrowth.

There's another story my father tells about a piece of property he bought in east Tennessee before I was born. It was his first big, adult purchase, and it was a piece of land fairly far from the beaten track, with a fair sized old house on it, that reportedly used to be a brothel. At the time, my father was working as a roadie for concerts, so he was away on tour a lot, and he rented the house to some friends of his. When he decided to settle down, he called the friends and told them he was coming back. In response, they burned the house down and left. Good friends.

So my father held onto the property, and started using it for camping with friends. One night, he and a friend were camping near the foundation of the old house. All that remained after the fire was the basement, which was dug out of the earth, and left just a big, square pit. My father says that he and his friend noticed a strange fog forming in one corner of the pit, very centralized, and not disturbed by any air currents. Just a plain old white mist. Returning the following year, my father noticed a peach tree growing from that corner, that's still there to this day.

That's it. Not your standard ghost stories, just part of the background noise of the South.
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Roguehill at 7:56AM, March 28, 2007
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I've got to say…

God Bless the South! I live in Kentucky, and my wife is from Knoxville Tenn. (Knox-vegas!)

That was wonderful, Aeon!

Here's another story that happened in a neighboring county. It was relayed to me by a retired Navy SEAL who grew up around there.

Along a deserted stretch of country road, there sits, about 20 feet from the road, an abanonded country store crouched in the overgrown weeds.
Now, the lore that circulated amongst the local teenagers is that if you go there at night and look into the large window at the front, a white shape from inside will rush at the window. My friend and his girlfriend went to the place to try it out, but the girls were freaked out and made them leave. But that's not the story.
Later on, a group of kids went to try out the legend. One of them was a boy that I'll call Hank because I can't recall his name. Well, they dared Hank to go up to the window and peer inside. He did, and sure enough a few seconds later, a white shape flew up at him from the inside of the dark store, sending the kids away screaming down the road in their car.
Hank wasn't the same after that. Folks say that he seemed depressed or anxious. He stopped hanging out with his friends and complained of losing sleep.
A few weeks later, someone was driving by the old store and saw a car parked out front. Thinking kids were snooping around, they called the sheriff. When the sheriff drove by, the car was still there, so he stopped. He called out a few times and then noticed that the front door was ajar. He clicked on his flashlight and pushed open the door.
Inside, sitting on a chair in the dark, was Hank. He had taken a rifle and blown the top of his head off. By the body was a crumpled note that only said:
“The voices told me to do it.”
My friend's cousin was one of the EMT's that came to “clean up” after Hank and related the story to him.
Later on, the owner boarded up the front window to try to discourage kids from looking inside. My friend took me to the store one evening and re-told me the story.

Neither of us got out to look in the window.

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Rich at 3:13PM, March 28, 2007
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According to a bunch of paranormal investigators that ran an investigation on my house last weekend, it's supposed to be very haunted. We like, have creepy noises and shit and occasionally stuff gets moved when noone is around to move it.
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Priest_Revan at 3:28PM, March 28, 2007
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I enjoy watching recorded video's of ghost hauntings (or watchin tv shows like “ghost hunters” to see if they really exist or not).

It's very awesome.
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Roguehill at 6:05AM, March 29, 2007
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I'm glad you're enjoying the thread, Priest and Rich! It's time for another story!

An eldarly lady I used to work for told me this one.
When she was a little girl, election days were a big deal. People would come into town from all over the county, stay with friends and family, argue and debate about the candidates and stick around to see who won. Well, this lady's uncle was riding in a car with about 5 other friends on their way to the courthouse to vote. They drove along the twisty road in the evening sunlight, talking and laughing, trying to decide how they should cast their vote. When they rounded a particular curve, they came into view of a small cemetary on a hill. Nothing at all unusual about it, the hillsides are dotted with small graveyards, but the uncle noticed that in the corner of the graveyard, a small, blue flame was hovering a few feet off of the ground. The car was quiet until they passed, and one of the ladies said “I just saw some kind of light up in that graveyard, like a blue flame!” Another said they had seen it too, and they puzzled about it until they came into town.
The light was forgotten when the business of voting came up, large crowds of friends they hadn't seen since last year, news of new babies in the family and of deaths.
After everything settled down, the group climbed back into the large car and started back home as rain started to fall. The rain got worse as they went along, and even though they were being careful, one bend in the road had been washed out (they were dirt roads back then) and the driver went too far off the road, sliding down the steep hill and smashing through trees until they slammed into an oak strong enough to stop the slide. Everyone seemed ok aside for some bruising, except for the uncle. He either hit his head, or had a heart attack during the slide, but whatever had happened, he was dead.
A few days passed as the family and friends gathered to pay their final respects and bury the uncle in a small cemetary along the very road they were driving along. As the body was being lowered into the grave, a peculiar feeling came over one of the women that was in the car at the time of the wreck. She found one of the other ladies that was riding with them on their trip to the courthouse and pulled her aside for a moment.
“Isn't this the graveyard we saw that light in on the way to vote?” she asked. The other lady went pale as she looked at her.
“Yes.” she replied. “And that light was right over where his grave is!”

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fern at 2:55PM, March 31, 2007
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Ghost stories… gotta love ‘em.

I once saw a ghost when I was 8 in Mexico… No foolin’! It was floating in my bed… freaked the shit outta me!!! It was wearing a white cloth and had a bread… Looked like Jesus. NO FOOLIN'!!!
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Phantom Penguin at 4:57PM, March 31, 2007
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Ghosts killed my mother and raped my father. :(
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SarahN at 7:53PM, March 31, 2007
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My family has had a few weird experiences. Probably one of the worst ones was when my sister and I heard what started out as a couple of steps on the stairs one night…we looked at each other and then it turned to stomping/running up the stairs. It was loud and SCARY! And of course there was nobody there. (Dun dun DUN!) That was freaky….sent us running screaming into our older sister's room. XD
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Roguehill at 7:44AM, April 2, 2007
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Hey! Nice to get some other folks posting. SarahN's was particularly creepy! (Of course, so is your father getting raped, but…that's a different kind of creepy.

Let me dust off the old book and tell you folks yet another local ghost story. This one is in Rowan County, Kentucky..where I currenly live.

The city of Morehead (Yep, I'm not kidding) lies in a valley nestled in some pretty high hills (not technically mountains because they're not tall enough, but pretty imposing). The only way into town from the north was along route 32, which would snake it's way slowly up one of the oak-covered hills to the top and then slowly down the other side. Since the hill pretty much separated one valley from another, it got the name “Divide Hill”.
Well, one summer evening in the late 1940's a group of teenagers were making their way over divide hill, heading out of town (probably to a neighboring county that served liquor). When they reached the top of the hill, the boy driving the car was either driving too fast, or not paying attention, because he drove straight off the road, and plunged through the trees in the the hollow below. Remarkably, all of the teens were unhurt, except for one of the young girls who broke her neck during the tumble (there weren't any thing like seat belts back then). The dazed and frightened kids made their way back up to the road, flagged down a car (which were few and far between back then) and made their way back into town for help. The car was pulled up and the girl was buried and mourned, and life slowly got back to normal in the sleepy town.
Except that some folks started telling tales of driving over Divide Hill at night and getting an erie feeling when they reached the top. They'd look into their rearview mirror and see a pale, wide-eyed girl looking back at them from the back seat! Of course they'd stop and hop out of the car, only to find there was no one there at all. This happened regularly for several years, until the state department decided that Morehead needed a nice, new, straight road that went north to the interstate. They blew Divide Hill in half and put their efficient road right through the middle.
Not lots of folk know the story of “The Ghost of Divide Hill” as the girl was called, and certainly, all sightings of her stopped.
But I go that way quite often, and as I drive through the stretch of road that was Divide Hill, I sometimes glance into the rearview mirror, just on the off chance that there's a pale, frightened teenager hitching a ride…trying to get home.

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Amelius at 12:52AM, April 3, 2007
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Ooo, I', enjoying this one! (wish more people would post too)
I have a couple of stories, one personal and the other 2 from family members.

The first took place in my aunt's house around Christmas. I don't think I was there at the time, my mother told me about it.It was probably before I was born actually.
The family was gathered in the living room, and they could hear a strange noise coming from the dining room. It sounded like someone turning and shuffling pages of a newspaper casually, as though reading them. My aunt's huge black cat (I have no idea how to spell its name) reared up and howled, but they knew no one was in the other room, and even checked (they'd have to come through the door first anyway). Of course my aunt wasn't the first to own the house, the man who lived there previously had died there I believe. No such disturbances since though, that cat probably scared him off.
(that cat was scary itself!He clawed my grandfather once, caught the vein on his wrist and it spurted at the wall. I was like 8 at the time, and I freaked out!)

A personal story of mine was between me and my younger sister. When we moved into our current house, we had an elderly neighbor whom we had purchased the property from to build the house on. She had an older home with a matching garage, and in the back of the garage is a window near the top. Back there was also a huge oak tree with a chain and board swing, which my sister and I enjoyed playing on until we had a fence put up between the properties. Of course, light and branches have a way of playing reflections off of windows that can entice a curious imagination to see things in it, and both my sister and I (and some of her friends) could see a distinctly male face just behind the glass. And it wasn't a case of influencing what we saw through suggestion (as often happens, like “I see a chicken in the clouds” “well, I though it looked like a toad but now that you say chicken…” ) but we both were quite drawn to looking up at the window and feeling like we were being watched. Of course even then, we didn't take it too seriously and just thought it was a neato play of illusion. Years later however, I heard a little bit of history about the garage that my parents hadn't divulged to us at a young age, (probably out of fear that we'd do something stupid like little kids are wont to do and say something to our elderly neighbor about it) and that was about how our neighbor's son had actually committed suicide by hanging himself in that very garage.

Another is more recent and heavily personal, I wasn't there but I know the folks involved, as they are related to me. My mother relayed the story to me.
A soon-to-be mother was grieving the loss of a child she had tragically lost before birth a year ago, on the anniversary of the death. She was very worried the same thing would happen again, and her husband and stepparents were there to console her while she wept uncontrollably.(she was having a very difficult pregnancy too, she was nearly on bed-rest as it was) While all this was going on, a balloon (the silvery-foil party kind with graphics on it) from the baby shower floated out of the baby's room, down the hall and directly over to where she was sitting, and settled over her belly and lingered there for a few moments. Then it circled her husband, and returned to the room. They saw this as a good sign, a miracle even. The baby was born healthy. There's apparently photos of the balloon when it did this, but there's really no good way for me to ask to see them. I've been in the house myself, it's not exactly like a balloon would easily blunder into the room with such purpose.I think what made it rather remarkable as well was the fact that the door to the room has been previously closed (actually ajar, but not enough for a big balloon to get out)

For the record, those sort of balloons scare me. (wake up with one right in your face someday and you'll know why.)

Well that's all I have for now. Hope you liked it!
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Roguehill at 6:20AM, April 4, 2007
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Those are some awesome stories, Amelius! That baloon story freaked me out…very erie!

Here's another story…this one is about an honest-to-goodness banshee. One of my best friends had his dad tell him this one.

In Nicholas County, Kentucky on route 68, there stands a stately, two-story farmhouse near the road. It used to be in my friend's family, and we were driving by it one day when he related the story.
Years ago, when his dad “Red” was a kid, he would often be drafted into going over to the house (which belonged to his aunt and uncle) to work in the tobacco fields nearby. That is exactly what he was doing on a broiling hot summer afternoon with most of his family. There wasn't much noise as the farmers were too busy suffering in the heat of the fields to talk, when suddenly a gut-wrenching shreak was heard coming from the house.
Now, the only person in the house was Red's aunt, and everyone stood bolt-upright when they heard the scream…wondering what could be happening inside. As the menfolk snapped out of being stunned by the noise and started running toward the house, out the back door came the aunt, moving faster than she had in years. When the men caught up to her, they were going to ask her why she had been screaming……only the screaming was still going on from inside!
When the screaming finally ended, they went inside and searched from top to bottom, but didn't find anyone else in the house, and nothing was out of place.
The next day, a relative came by and told them that one of Red's other uncles had been killed in an accident exactly when the rest of the family heard the screaming from the old house….

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Alexis at 1:05PM, April 4, 2007
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This isn't exactly a ghost story, but I work at an old movie theatre that has been converted into a drafthouse/resteraunt theatre. It's been a movie theatre since the 1930's, but it was built as a live stage by the American Nazi party to house events for them. This is before WWII, of course, and a lot of people in America actually supported the Nazis. Theatres are always full of ghost stories, so a theatre this old is crawling with them. One I heard recently is that back in the 1970's a couple was watching a movie with their baby in it's basket thing next to them. Since it wasn't fussing they didn't check on it duting the show. When the lights came up the baby was completely blue, it had suffocated on it's bedding in the dark and no one had noticed. I'm very skeptical of any ghost stories I hear, but the drafthouse seems more haunted than anywhere else I've ever been. Just look at the pictures of it I posted in the “Jobs” topic.
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Roguehill at 7:03AM, April 5, 2007
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Thanks, Alexis! I've seen those pictures….they're straight out of a “Nightmare on Elm Street” movie! *shudder*

And since you brought up haunted theaters……)

Here's a story about a theater on the campus of Morehead State University that people claim to be haunted. Now, I know what you're saying….every place on a university campus is said to be haunted, right? Well, lots of students talk about ghost stories, but I've done quite a bit of theatre in Button Auditorium, and I can say that there is something strange going on.

First story:
A friend of mine was interviewing the one-time Chair of the Theatre department in Button Auditorium one night about an upcomming show he was directing there. Apparently, the only time the director had to give the interview was after rehersal one night (actually, probably the early morning), so after everyone left, they sat down on the stage and started talking.
Somewhere near the middle of the interview, all of the table saws, band saws and drill presses in the back room came on at once. They stayed on for a few seconds and then kicked off. The director just smiled and said “and there's our ghost” and continued with the interview. Now, I've worked with plenty of industrial equipment before, and I can say that most of the saws had a magnetic safety-switch to stop the saws if they lost power. What this means is that it would be impossible to flip off the breakers, push all the “start” buttons on the saws, and flip the breaker on to start the machines running….not to mention it would probably blow the fuses. To pull of a hoax, you would need at least 5 folks sneaking around in there to push the “on” button of all the machines at once, turn them all off after a few seconds, and hide or sneak out super-quietly. That would be tough to do.

Second story:
This is really an extension of the first story. One of my friends works on designing and building sets for the community plays, several of which have been at Button Auditorium. Now, this friend isn't given to “flights of fancy” at all…she's very practical…to the point of being dry. She overheard me talking about the interview with the Theatre Chair when she said; “Oh yes, that's happened to me many times..usually very early in the morning. Since I don't like being snuck up on in the middle of the night, I make sure to lock all of the doors after everyone has left so I can work in peace. The first few times I heard the saws run by themselves, I would run back to see what was going on, but it became so commonplace that I just stopped going to look.”

Third story:
This one comes from my one-time girlfriend, who was alone in Button one night working on lighting for a play. Once again, she knew that she was alone in the building and made sure all the doors were securely closed and locked. Anyway, she had finished her work and was turning off all the lights in the auditorium (which, she admitted, was kind of creepy), when she happened to look back up at the sound control booth in the balcony above. She thought that she had turned off the booth lights, but they were on. She was debating whether or not she wanted to walk all the way up the steps in the dark to turn off the booth lights, when suddenly a dark shadow passed in front of the lit windows of the booth! Since she absolutely knew that she was alone in the building, that really freaked her out and she got out of there in a hurry.

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mikeytheblackmantis at 11:27PM, April 5, 2007
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when i was in middle school i had a club for paranormal investigation (i tried to start the same club up in high school but got sent to theraphy for it, no joke) and i remember doing randon sweeps on nieghborhoods. Usally we would interview people and ask them if they had expierenced anything “paranormal”. Anyway we got to this womans house who gladly let us in and allowed us to interview her. After she told us stories of an odd mirror that she would see someone's face in and this one time where she saw a dead man on the bus. Anyway, we did a backround check on the house tooka camcorder some cameras and some EVPs of several rooms. The first wierd thing was the moment we entered that house most of our electrical equipment failed. We had fully charged equipment that had suddenly failed. Next we were interviewing the woman in the house. It was a hot day in summer and we were all in her living room. There was no wind blowing and no ventilation in her house, so this was very odd. A door swung open, as if somebody rammed it and it hit one of my investigators. He got freaked and ran out and fell down the stairs. He was bruised but not that badly harmed. After we had finished the main stuff an analized the data we collected we got this odd EVP from one empty room. There was three of my operatives there, me being one. I didn't hear anything in the room when we took the recording. But afterwards when we went over the recording this odd speech was heard. It sounded like a deep vioce, manly. It sounded like it was saying “get the hell out” oddly enough the recording was lost shortly after.

on a personal account i remember there was a really old water cooler n my backyard. no body in my building knew who it belonged to so one day i opened it. It was filled with dark red liquid with something wrapped up in a white blanket which looked like it was caked with dried blood. it smelled horrible so i punched a hole in the thing and let it bleed out so i could find out what was inside. i waited two days. when i went back down i was freaked out to find that the coller was still leaking at the pace i left it. and when i opened the lid there was the same ammount of the red stuff. the coolers gone now, but i still want to knw what was wrapped in the sheet…
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Peipei at 11:48AM, April 6, 2007
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Awesome ghost stories you guys! :3 Here's a few real stories of my own ^^:

Story #1

Down here in good Ol' California, lie ancient Native American buriel grounds (well, atleast where I am located). So anyway, my house is believed to be a landmark for a Native American buriel ground, and its not a far fetched conclusion either :o. Almost every night, around 11 to 4pm, the coyotes start to howl, for about 3 minutes each night. Then followed by the howling, is a strange pipe blowing instrument that is very much audible to the ears. It's almost the same melody every time, and it freaks me out. My brother was the first to notice it one night, when he told me to listen out for it. :o I mean, the melody sounds likes its coming from directly outside of my house o.o…So we went out to see who was doing that one night, and there was noone there…infact, the music stopped when we left our house…:x

Story #2

Ok, this one is a little more creepier than the last. This also takes place in my house :o My sister is a voice actress, and she has her own little recording studio inside of her room. So one night, around the witching hour, I was chilling in my sister's room while she was recording her voice for an upcoming project her friends were working on. So like, she said I couldn't make any noise, since she was recording. So I sat there, silent. My mom and my brother were asleep at the time. As my sister was recording, all you could hear was her voice. But when she played it back after it was done, you could here a very loud giggle in the recording. Like a little girl's giggle…So like, she looked at me and I was like “What the hell was that?” o.o And she responded saying “I don't know.” So we brushed it off and she redid the recording. When she played it back this time, we heard the giggle AGAIN. Louder this time…So then we both started freaking.

The next day, my brother was freaking out. Complaining of seeing a shadowy figure of a girl in the stairwell of our house…Across from my sister's bed room…o.o

Story #3

This story has to do with a dark figure often spotted lurking around the house at night around 3pm (everyone in my family has seen something like this since we moved here). One night, I awoke from sleep when I heard my mom screaming stuff from the bible (my mom is a hardcore christian) in the other room. I ran in to her room to see what was going on, and she said she saw a dark, hooded figure walk in front of her bed. And she also said for a moment, it felt like time was slowed down. One night, I also awoke to a similar dark hooded figure back when I was in highschool. I couldn't concentrate in class for anything xD

Then one day, I was downstairs, playing some games on my computer :3 till my sister came down with a super, bloody nose, saying that a dark hooded figure was standing in front of her bed, and shortly after it vanished, her nose began to stream with blood…:X But I think my brother was hit the hardest in a similar incident. He complained that every night for about a week, he would awake in the middle of the night, to find a dark hooded figure standing in front of his bed…he said, it seemed as though time slowed down during each encounter…

This is all true o.o As far as I know, noone has died in this house. Infact, my family was the second to own this house since it was built in the late 90s'. I used to go out with old owner's son and im sure he would've told me if something happened here :o

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Phantom Penguin at 11:58AM, April 6, 2007
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Me and my friends used to go to a place called blood road. It was supposed to have been haunted. At the time i never belived any of that stuff. I got out of the car, i was wear my dad's old crucifix around my neck, not that i'm a huge beliver or anything, i just like wearing it because it use to be his.

I was out of the car for about ten minutes and the necklace started burning, like as if someone held a fire place poker to my chest. I freaked the hell out and took it off. The burning stopped.

Thats the only thing i've ever had happen to me. And I can safely say I didn't like it.
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Freux at 1:55AM, April 9, 2007
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When I was about six or so, we moved into a tiny four-room house in the middle of the woods. ( seriously, the entire house was about the size of my sixth grade classroom ) Little did I know, the previous owner's wife had died in it. XD ( of course I didn't discover this until a few months ago, but anyways.. )

I used to hear a lot of strange noises in that house. Mostly tapping and shuffling. The tapping would be under the floor and would move from room to room, always tapping in the center of the floor. Creepier than that, of course, was the presence in the house. Even as a kiddo, I could feel it. I wasn't ever afraid of it, but I knew it was there. Weird kid stuff or something. One night, I slept in my parents' room because it was storming. Their headboard was against the wall, and right underneathe a window that looked out onto the back porch. While I was trying to sleep I felt the strongest presence I've ever felt in my entire life pass by the window, outside. It was so strong, every hair on my neck stood straight up and all I could do was hide my head under the blanket and cower until I fell asleep. XD Another instance was when I was napping in my own room and something bounced the bed so hard that it woke me up. I thought the dog had jumped on the bed, but there was nothing there. oOOoOOo.

Also, we think the store I work at is haunted. It usually only happens after we're closed and the customers are gone, ( probably because it's quieter and we can hear ) but things rattle and fall of the shelves randomly. Two of my co-workers said they've heard children laughing after we've closed, and once when I was closing with two others, we heard people coming in the front doors. We were all like, ‘wha? those doors are locked!’ So we went to investigate and there was nooo one theeere. Haha, weird.

On a different night, I was facing the back shelves, slacking off, when I saw someone walk by the aisle out of the corner of my eye. I thought it was my manager so I straightened up and started working a little faster.. then a few minutes later I noticed it was really quiet. I went looking for them, and everyone was up front in the office. Thaaaat was enough facing for me that night. Hehe.
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The mediocre one at 3:40PM, April 9, 2007
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When I was really little, I think I was seven, probably younger, I was laying in bed, I kept the door open and I saw a shadow go on the wall, going to my sister's room, me being little mr.policeman yeeled “Hey, stop” The shadow, as much as a shadow could pointed to itself “Yeah, you!” It started running into my sister's room, and I chased after it, my sister's door was shut, I went inside, quietly, and snuck around looking for the shadow, it was dark, it wasn't that easy, but I figured the shadow would be shown if I turned on a light, so I turned on the light, and my sister woke up, asked me what i was doing in there, I told her, and she told me to get out.
That's as best as I can recall, at least.

Also when I was just barely able to talk I had a huge fever, like hallucinating fever. My mom was cradling me, and I started gibbering “Mom, mom, it's a man, and he's made out of dust!” I said. My mom had the lights off, I had woken her up in the night, and she started freaking out, thinking someone had broken in. “Alex, there's no one there.”
“No, mom, the man made out of dust! look!” it kept at this until I was asleep, I think my mom checked it out. I don't know.
Paper Mache Cataclysm
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IZON at 5:12PM, April 9, 2007
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I like this stuff.
When i was a little kid i lived in a house where me and my brother have seen so many of this color shadows (mostly clear colors) flying around the hall and bedrooms. We use to call those “ghosts”.
This happen so many times that we never forgot it.
I m seeing that most storys happens when we are lil kids.. Maybe at that age we are allowed to see this “parallel world”. ?
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The mediocre one at 6:33PM, April 9, 2007
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that or our imaginations ran rampant, causing a hallucination into reality.

If you want to get spiritual you could say that they've been the shortest from the “before” as such they are still able to see the spirit.
…you got me interested.

Another thing I remember there was a house down the road they–I never saw this, so they were probably making this up–but htey said they saw a red-eyed pig head looking out through the window

Man when I write these things it gives me the crawls, you know?
Paper Mache Cataclysm
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Roguehill at 7:57AM, April 10, 2007
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Man, these stories are so great! I'm glad there are people posting!

It's time for another of my local ghost-stories.

This one happened to a good friend of mine in a neighboring county (Bath). He's the retired Navy SEAL I talked about earlier. Now, I'm not gullible, and I've asked him to repeat this story several times over the years I've known him, because it's…well….intense. He never varies the details of the story, and I can't for the life of me imagine why he'd be motivated to lie to me about it. Anyway, here's the details.

My buddy, Dan, was visiting home one leave when this happened. He had a friend who owned a trailer on a small field at the base of a woods-covered hill. A small creek is nearby. Anyway, Dan dropped by because they were old high-school buddies and they were catching up, the sound of the rain on the roof of the trailer adding a softness to the conversation.
Now, the friend had several dogs penned up outside the trailer, when all at once they started barking like crazy. Dan and his friend didn't think much about it….dogs will be dogs…but they sounded almost frantic. Suddenly, they all stopped…no sound at all could be heard but the rain. This made them curious, so they pulled the blinds aside and looked out toward the back of the trailer where the dogs were kept. They couldn't make out much because of the dark and the rain, when suddenly, a green, strobe-like light started flashing from the creek. Dan looked over at his friend, who was suddenly deathly pale, his eyes tearing up.
“Oh $%^&, this is going to be a bad one.”
Dan asked him what he meant by that and his friend told him that all the time he and his family had lived there, these green lights would show up from the nearby creek…green globes about the size of a baseball. His granny would call them “spirit lights” and they were attributed to an ancient indian tribe that had lived along the creek. Lots of indian artifacts were often found along the shore, uncovered after a hard rain.
Usually, all that would happen is that the lights could be seen, winking on and off, floating along the river bank. However, there were times when the dogs would go nuts and the lights would flash quickly. Those were times when it was “bad”.

His friend told him to just stay calm…that it wouldn't last long.

That's when the banging started. The dogs were still absolutely quiet when the light grew brighter in the windows of the trailer and something large slammed against one side, sending the trailer rocking.
Then, something slammed against the other side, pitching the trailer and sending picture frames, plants and books to the floor. Another loud pounding repeated from the opposide side of the trailer and they continued back and forth, back and forth.

Showing a kind of strange wisdom, both Dan and his friend bolted for the bathroom down the hall and got as low as they could, thinking that it was somehow safer there. The fierce pounding continued for perhaps 3 minutes, though it seemed much longer.

When the pounding stopped, the green light receeded and the dogs started barking again. Dan ran out of the trailer (with a pistol) in time to see the green light fading away in the creek. Interestingly enough, after the fierce pounding, the walls of the trailer were unmarred, and the wet ground beside the trailer showed no signs of footprints.

I've got other stories from Dan that I'll save for later.

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The mediocre one at 9:51AM, April 16, 2007
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…I'm gonna have to look up indian myths, give me a minute.
Paper Mache Cataclysm
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Roguehill at 11:05AM, April 18, 2007
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Time for another local ghost story!

This on happened on Halloween in Bath County, Kentucky, and is related by my friend, Dan.

One Halloween, Dan and his girlfriend at the time (high school) were hanging out with another couple at their home in the country. After watching a horror movie, Dan's friend tells them that there is an old graveyard halfway up a wooded hillside near the house. Dan and his friend think that it would be pretty spooky to head up there to visit the (now disused) cemetary and the girls (reluctantly) agree, so they all head off.
Now the hills in Bath County are pretty darned steep and tall (though not officially mountains), so by the time the group crawl through briars to reach the location of the cemetary, everyone is exhausted and generally not enjoying themselves.
After a comment from one of the girls to the effect of “Fine. We saw it. Can we go back now?”, Dan's friend says he isn't leaving until he sets foot in the cemetary, probably to perform some kind of morbid comedy with the tombstones. Dan's friend leaps the broken down picket fence surrounding the plot and lands in the leaves piled up inside.
At that moment, at the top of the hill above them, they all hear the distinctive sound of a tree crack and fall to the ground.
Astounded by the coincidence, both of the guys laugh.
Then another tree cracks and falls with a crash.
And another.
And another.
The little group is silent by this point, looking up into the thickly forested darkness above them, trying to decide just what could be making those terrible noises.
Deer can crash around through leaves, but not break trees.
A bear could break a tree, but why would it keep breaking them?
What could it be, then?
At this time, one of the girlfriends quietly says she wants to go back home, when suddenly the commotion increases tenfold. The description Dan gave me was:
“Imagine if someone got a full-size pickup and drove it down the hillside, smashing over trees and everything in it's path.” It was coming right for them.
Without discussion, the group started loping down the hillside toward the house as fast as they could go. They slipped on wet leaves, plunged through bushes and got scraped by rocks, but everyone got to the valley floor intact. The crashing noise made it down to where they guessed the cemetary was and stopped.
They stood listening for a few long minutes before heading inside the house, but didn't hear anything more.
The next day, Dan and his friend went back up the hill (in the broad daylight) to see what kind of horrible mess there was and to try to determine what had happened.
No broken trees, no disturbed ground, no tracks.
Was someone playing an elaborate prank?
Did animals somehow cause the noise without leaving a trace?
Or is it possible that some cemetaries, after sitting so long on forgotten hillsides just don't want to be disturbed?

I know where the hill is if any of you want to come by some Halloween and find out for yourself…..

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Peipei at 11:19AM, April 18, 2007
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ooh that's scary :3 I wanna hear more stories ^^

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legendkiller13 at 7:55PM, April 18, 2007
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Awesome ghost stories you guys! :3 Here's a few real stories of my own ^^:
Story #3
This is all true o.o As far as I know, noone has died in this house. Infact, my family was the second to own this house since it was built in the late 90s'. I used to go out with old owner's son and im sure he would've told me if something happened here :o

damn…ya'll ever think about movin???
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Roguehill at 1:31PM, April 23, 2007
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The Caney Creek Monster

This isn't as much a ghost story as a local legend, but it is pretty interesting. This was told to me, once again, by my friend Dan.

Less than 10 miles from where I'm sitting is a steep-sided hollow between a couple of hills that is heavily forested and sparcely populated. There's a small creek…about 12 to 15 feet wide that flows down it called “Caney Creek”…probably named after a local family.

Anyway, Dan had a friend at school that told him once of the “Caney Creek Monster”. It apparently is very sasquatch-ish….much larger than a man, covered with hair, fowl smelling with eyes that reflected light like a cat's.
Apparently, this boy went to church with an old woman who lived alone in a small, tar-paper shack that sits along the creek. She was seen as a bit of an eccentric..if not downright crazy…and often spoke of nightime visits by the monster. The boy decided to ask her about it himself to see if it were true.
“Hyep, it's true as th' gospel.” she told him. “He's a real shy feller, an hit took me over a year o leavin food n' water out fer him before he'd even let me come close! He's got a real keen nose an stands down inn th' creek sniffin before he'll come near. If'n he smells anyone about, he jus stays away in th' trees.”

Dan's friend was intregued by the story and asked if he could stay over one evening to see the thing himself. She nodded yes, saying that she would be glad for the company, so he arranged to stay over.
That night, the sky was heavy with clouds, and when darkness fell, the boy couldn't even see the nearby creek, he could only hear it gurgling in the darkness.

The old woman puttered about inside the shack and eventually came out with a simple stew and bread for the “monster”.
“He might not come about with you here, but we'll see.” She said with her hands on her hips.
The boy waited through much of the night, but other than hearing a few strange sounds, he saw nothing. Eventually, he became to sleepy to stay up and headed home.
Later at church, the boy asked the old woman if the “Caney Creek Monster” ever came around that night, and she said he hadn't. In fact, he hadn't come back since, even though she waited for him late into the night. She seemed very sad.

Eventually, the old woman passed away, and the boy never knew if the monster had ever continued his visits to her old shack.
Of course, the creek is still there, as is the broken down, tarpaper shack.

I wonder, is the monster still there, standing just out of sight in the thick brush by the creek, waiting for the old woman to come with her stew and bread?

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robamphetamines at 3:51PM, April 30, 2007
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There's supposed to be a railroad track in Gurdon, Arkansas that when you tap on the rails with a rock, you can see a glowing light (like a lantern) a little ways down the the tracks. My parents take me to a reunion with their old college buddies every summer that's really close to the tracks. All of the other second-gen kids and I always talk about going, but then we scare ourselves out of it.

Also, my brother-in-law's family owns an old plantation that has a ghost in the attic. It supposedly keeps people awake at night by banging on the pipes and it likes to write things in the ashes of the fireplace. Creepy! For good reason I've never spent the night there. I wouldn't sleep at all.

This isn't a ghost story, but I had some friends in highschool that thought it would be fun to check out this creepy old shack really late one night. When they got around to the back of the shack there was a bunch of people in hooded cloaks standing around a fire. One of them saw them and they got chased back to the car. I would have crapped myself! I wouldn't have believed them, but they're not the lying type and they still seemed pretty shaken up when I saw them again.

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kitty17 at 4:17PM, April 30, 2007
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Let's see…well these come from my own experiences

In my old house at night you could hear footsteps going up and down the stairs. Slowly creaking, the sound would louden the closer it got to the top. Then a couple mintues later it started again this time going down.
Then in my room at exactly 12 midnight you could hear the sound a glass would make if it were gently hit against another. (could've been the pipes…but still it creeped me out especially after I found out that the owners mother died in the house)

Then there's my grandmothers old apartment. It was pretty late at night after a family gathering, I had decided to sleep over with my aunt who's 3 years older than I am. We sat at the dinning room table after everyone had left and began to talk out of boredom. We were talking for a while when suddenly the chair to the right of me moved back as if someone had been sitting there and had gotten up from the table, possibly bored from our conversation. We stared at it for a while and continued talking. My grandmother tryed to figure out how it happened finally saying that the leg of the chair was wobbly and could've reacted late from someone having sat on it. The fact that the chairs were all on a rug made it hard to believe.
One time in the same house, I was upstairs with my cousins. We sat down to watch a movie and closed the door. A couple minutes into the movie the door knob started rattling. I got up and opened the door but no one was there, so I closed it again. A couple minutes passed and it happened again, this time I went to check the entire house to see if someone was playing a trick on us, but the house was completly empty.
If you walk pass the rooms when its empty on the second floor you can see in the corner of your eye a shadowy figure sitting on the bed. Sometimes when you're on the beds yourself you can see the imprint of someone sitting there beside you.
Yeah, I never wanted to go upstairs alone in that house.

K.A.L.A.-dan! Moe Maid ;3
Pastel and Kitty :3
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Roguehill at 6:05AM, May 1, 2007
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Wow! Those are some great stories!! Even though I slept in the room that my Grandmother died in, I never had any experiences of any sort. Dangit.

I did have a friend who grew up in a haunted house, though. He told me that there was an attic room where you just didn't put anything in. If you did, that night it would get continually tossed against the walls. You'd hear it slamming around, and then go in during the morning and see everything wrecked. The family just learned to avoid the room entirely.
The kids also had a ‘game’ they played with the ghost(s). If anything went missing, they would go into the dining room and ask for it. In a few hours, it would show up on the dining room table…keys, toys…whatever.
My friend also remembers playing outside and seeing someone watching from one of the windows when he knew no one was inside.
One time, he and his brother were playing with an electric train set and were frustrated with how slow the train went. They kept saying they wished it would go faster, and to their surprise, it did! They were amazed and kept yelling for it to go faster, and soon it was racing around the track. They started to get spooked by the speed, so they stopped yelling, but the train kept speeding up. Scared, the kids yanked the power cord out of the wall, and when that didn't work, they disconnected the control box. The train kept going faster. In a panic, the kids started yelling for it to stop….and it did. It was like the train crashed into a wall with such force that the cars were destroyed…all crumpled up.
That was the only time he said he had ever been scared.

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