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88 Miles an hour!!!
nerdsareinvading at 11:46PM, Feb. 1, 2008
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So this came to me from my friend Nat's constant Back to the future referential jokes such as, “Woah! didn't you just eat that cookie???” “Yes, at exactly 88 miles an hour and sent it one minute into the future!!!”

so I decided I'll give it a go as a game… what you do is…:

Slaps Nerds'

^slaps me at exactly 88 miles an hour and sends the slap five hours into the future…
*5 hours later*
Ow!!! what was that for???

throws a rock

so, if by chance you were too incompetent to understand that the rules are…

1. first segment of reply MUST include what happened, some take on “Exactly 88 miles an hour and into the *insert time*”

2. second segment of reply MUST have an action for the replier to make a joke of…

3. The thrid segment MAY contain any random tidbit you wish to add in…

4. Have fun.

5. DO NOT in your reply say anything directly offensive such as: “ sends so and so's ay dad back in time to be *insert crude line*”

6. ANY offensive language will not be tolerated (past damn, crap, etcetera) ( acronyms allowed i.e. ‘WTF?’) any offensive language will be reported to aqua where he will take the appropriate action for going against the rules of a game.

7. Please help keep this game alive; tell Aqua if you feel it is neccessary.

I'll start…

Throws a paper airplane…

bling bling bling, now with 50% more bling…

music is like candy… throw away the rappers

smiley agrees,right? lol!
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iain_westy at 1:32PM, Feb. 4, 2008
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Paper airplain hits a thermal and is acellerated to 88miles per hour! a single drop of rain hits the plaine and as the air resistance slides the watter down the back of the plain, the mosture forms the shape of a Flux capasitor. Plain is sent back in time a few seconds and hits nerdsareinvading in the back of the head. who picks it up and throws it. Paper airplain hits a thermal and is acellerated to 88miles per hour…….

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