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A fade away...
Office_Zone at 7:22AM, Dec. 14, 2006
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Lindgren Cartoons on Drunk Duck has been taken down. I hadn't updated the doggone thing since just before I moved back in the summer. With another strip going full force, I decided to just close it down and concentrate on my current project, The FLOOR. I realize I hadn't gotten the final pages of The Lousley Affair posted yet (heck I still need to draw out the last two or three, even), so maybe down the line I will do a one-month special to re-run that story in its entirety.

For those of you who were attempting to follow it, thanks for reading.

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WingNut at 9:30AM, Dec. 14, 2006
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We'll be sad to see that comic go man, it was fun and I enjoyed it.
Maybe, maybe you'll do some more sometime? Yes?
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