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Artist open for Comission
alexcat321 at 6:16PM, June 13, 2009
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Hey guys, I'm an artist and writer and I'm currently offering my services. I'm just looking for mainly SHORT STORIES that any of you may have and would want to get done. I have a style that bridges into Anime but mainly wester cartoon like Steam boy's style or Avatar (I also do super-hero). I'd like action a lot too. Just PQ me the short story's summary and if I like it I will respond. If I don't then that mostly means that I don't want the offer(all rudeness aside).Thanks you guys!

here's my deviant art: add me!

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legacyhero at 7:15PM, June 13, 2009
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I have a story that I think would benefit from your art style.
Your blend of Manga and western art is exactly what I had in mind for the story.

It's a short story about a young 20-something guy who must reactivate his childhood robot to save the city from an Alien invasion.

I had an artist lined-up, but he flaked.
The script, layouts, and character designs are all done.

I'll PQ you with more info, so you can decide if you'd be interested.
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