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Artist Wanted for Fantasy/Sci-Fi Comic
tamlynn at 4:28PM, May 15, 2007
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I don't draw very well, but this story is telling me that it must be told, so I could use some help. If you're interested, e-mail me at with a sample of your work.

Really basic plot:
The planet of Themar is divided between two peoples: the native Temaray and the Perisen colonists. For many years, the two races have been at war, but a marriage alliance has restored peace, at least superficially. But when one of the half-blood heirs to the Perisen kingdom is killed, the delicate balance is shaken, and the hope of the world lies in the hands of the surviving heir, a boy of sixteen, and a mysterious ally who lurks in the walls of Perinar Keep.

Every so often a man has a day
He truly can call his
So here I am to seize my day
If someone will just tell me when the hell it is
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Mina_Lunga at 9:39PM, May 24, 2007
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Would you be looking for color, grayscale, or pure black and white? I am interested in both helping you get your story told, and in seeing what the story is for myself. But I wouldn't have the time to manage a full color project such as I do on my main comic (Gnoph). If you'd be willing to see something more akin to one of my secondary comics (Inchoatica, or A'kni'att although that second one is a couple of years old art-wise) then I should be able to help you out!

I'm going to email a duplicate of this message to you as well.
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Mina_Lunga at 8:54AM, May 25, 2007
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Hmmm, is this still a valid request? I sent an email to the address that you gave, and it was returned as being discontinued/not active.

Anyway, the ball's in your court. PQ me if you want to talk more about this project.
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