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Artist(s) wanted for short(ish) stories, any style considered.
Genejoke at 3:33PM, Sept. 13, 2010
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Malefic Tales is a group of short stories that are all set within the demonic apocalypse of my comic Malefic.

Already a number of stories have gone live and several more are being worked on but we have some scripts that are either ready to go or close to completion. All of them are slightly longer than most of the ones we have done so far, with the exception of the story that is running right now as that clocked in t over fifty pages.

That said if anyone wants to do something but fewer pages then something can be arranged.

One that has come available again is called Belly of the beast. It is about a group of military scientists who dissect one of the demons with deadly consequences. Written by Jabberwockyjones.

Here are some examples of the stories done so far.
This is from The eye of the storm written by Jabberqwocky jones with art by myself.

This is from The bank job which I wrote and Jza963 illustrated, this is the story running now, it started as a fairly short script but JZA963 went wild with it and turned in many more pages of action and drama.

This is from a very short one I did all by myself.

Coming soon

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