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Artists Needed For Off Hours Conclusion
dueeast at 7:56PM, Jan. 16, 2010
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You read correctly, Off Hours is nearing its end. But I'd like to give a break to the artists who have been working ceaselessly to make Off Hours what it is. It's time for some “new blood” and I'm asking for volunteers.

We have 6 - 8 pages that have not been assigned. Let me be clear: I am not asking one person to do 6 - 8 pages. You might only do 1 or 2 pages. But we need several artists if we're going to get all the pages completed.

I've got the scripting done, we just need artists to implement the scripts. I need to know who's doing these pages and get them wrapped up PRONTO! It would help if you're already familiar with Off Hours but it's not critical.

If you're interested, just respond to this thread or email me at and give me a link to your comic. How's that for simple? B)

Please respond right away!
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