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Artists wanted for epic comic stories
NPC_Girl at 10:16AM, April 29, 2009
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Hi! For those of you who do not know me, I'm the writer and Artist of NPC, and for for those of you who do, this introductions was entirely pointless.
I'm looking for artists who might be interested in doing long colorful comic stories. At the moment I have two stories in mind. One called The Void Walker, and the other, The Four Elements. but I have loads of little niggling ideas in my head.
If you're interested this is what the basic stories would be:

the void walker:

In the shadows the void exists. A land of crackling blacks and grays, where creatures of your very nightmares dwell. From this land the first void walker Crysm emerged, bringing with him five others of his race, which would go on to make the six different species of void walker. They went forth into the world of light, some hated the brightness and fled to the shadows and the depths of the world. One lived in the night, but kept their nightmarish qualities, feeding on the life of others. While Crysm, the most powerful of them all went on to father the Shadlow walkers, humans that knew the secret of the shadow world, which had been his home. They would now know how to travel through it, and know the true secret of darkness itself. Crysm went on, a god among his people, fathering children among the mortal races of the world, and they were known as void walkers, the same for any of the other five.
Now this is the present, shadow walkers are rare, and few seek out the secrets of the darkness, Void walkers are even rarer, few of Crysm's decedents live, and most see void walkers as myths. But from the shadows a red eyed void walker emerges, he is not a decedent of Crysm, but of Verge, the walker who feasted on flesh. He suffers from hunger for blood, and hides from light that burns his eyes. But the blood of other races runs through his veins, allowing him to choose his path, one of blood, or perhaps one of light.

The Four Elemental

There are four elements in the world, Wind, water, fire and earth. They are born in the source and spread upon our world, giving it life, the source feeds them keeping them alive. From the source came the elemental, guardians and wielders of the four elements. And with them, four guardians named after the elements that they guide over, their title and power passed down every generation.
Fire is considered the leader of the four, as she can controle power, manipulating the pwoers of others, as well having controle over a direct door to the source, and wether or not other elementals can access it. Wind is a seer, cursed with blindness on a coming day of age, and if he is not bound to his fated mate the blindness and the visions slowly drive him insane. Water is chained to her very element, withering up and dieing if she is away for just a few hours.she can heal though, anything, even death if it's recent enough. And earth, he can make mountains, cause earthquakes, forest a new wood. But he's cursed with being socially oblivious. Earth cannot lie, cannot relate to people, cannot control his emotions, is straight forward and blunt, and because of it this gives earth a dislike for other lifeforms that he often chooses a life of a hermit, rather living alone in self exile then with people. These four together would make the most powerful thing in the world, it is perhaps a grand thing that none of them can get along, no matter what generation.
This current one is just as so. Earth lives in the deepest darkest swamp, Water hides away in the city of water, Fire controls the dwarves and the slave pits in the city of arenas. Wind is a wild card, running a huge bandit organization, which robs from everyone, especially the king. It's no secret his mad, having being sold into slavery at the age of eight by his father who saw him in a vision killing him. It's no surprise that a century later Wind comes and kills his father for making him a slave in the first place, such is the fate of such things.

So yeeeah… if anyone's interested send me a PM or e-mail me just saying which one you'd like to do and maybe a sample of your work. I'm not looking for good artists, I'm looking for people who think they'd be able to draw either of these stories. So if you're interested give me a bell. if neither of these stories interest you, but you wouldn't mind a writer, also give me a bell and we can talk something out. :3
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