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Back from a 3 year Hiatus! >_<
Dizzy at 2:49PM, Jan. 10, 2010
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Are you ready for when penguins rule the world? Maybe getting into the mind of one will help! I started Adventures of Penguin 3 years ago and for some reason lost track of everything…sad. I mean the good thing tho, is picking up on AoP I have drastically improved my style, which you will see on the coming srtips, and I even have a method to my madness, no more wandering around in the dark:spin:. So please come and let me know what you think, and also, enjoy the cross over that I'm persuing with the Duck and Chicken comic for the Valentine holiday :kitty:!
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Erad at 5:46PM, Jan. 10, 2010
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Well, welcome back!
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