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Back from a long absence
High Queen Doodles at 9:18PM, Sept. 9, 2010
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Hi everyone,
A few years ago I attempted a few comics on here. I honestly kind of gave up. Now that I've started a new one, I wanted to put it up here and try again. I used to be Luvmylab; I just didn't really like the name anymore, so now I am High Queen Doodles. I'm looking forward to getting feedback and catching up on years worth of comic archives. :)
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Ironscarf at 9:53AM, Sept. 10, 2010
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Hello High Queen Doodles, I've just been looking at your doodles. Don't know if you really were High when you drew ‘em, but I must say I’m partial to a bit of coloured pencil.

I see your comic contains the classy line “Let's burn this shithole to the ground” which made me chuckle out loud (cholz) and reminded me of a situation that happened to me some time ago: it was miles from the next one and by the time I got there, my legs were so far crossed they'd practically switched places cholz!

Anyways, have fun, enjoy your comic making and don't be afraid to look foolish; you'll be in good company.:)

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