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Back from the Dead
Katsu at 8:33PM, Sept. 1, 2010
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Hiya all,

After an absence from the community, I've returned with a new comic and a new drive to draw. You guys have been a great community in the past, I hope the support will continue!

How to Hunt for Ghosts
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blindsk at 2:56AM, Sept. 2, 2010
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Welcome back! Nice to see you have that motivation factor working again! Maybe you could pass along your secret…

Actually, one question I do have - did you come back as a zombie or celestial spirit?! If the former, than I've been wanting to meet you my entire life. I've watched so many movies about you and played games with you in it (sorry about the grenades, but it was all instinct, I swear!). ;)

Welcome to DD!
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Ironscarf at 6:24PM, Sept. 3, 2010
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Hello Katsu,

Can you help me? I'm interested in hunting for ghosts too. Mainly ghosts of people who used to welcome newcomers and backcomers on this forum. They're out there - I know it.

Welcome! :)
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Katsu at 3:17PM, Sept. 6, 2010
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@Blindsk: That's a good question, I would like to say spirit but really most days I feel like a zombie. Though, give me a cup of coffee and I'm back to life!

@Ironscarf: Haha, I think we'll need a laser grid and a Twinkie. The Twinkie is to attract them back, the laser grid is so we can see their shadowy figures!

Thanks for the cheers guys!
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