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BAM! Comics Anthology: Post Deadline update
davidrecine at 5:48PM, Sept. 17, 2006
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Hi, all;

Sorry I haven't been posting here in a awhile. Between editing 500 plus pages of submssions, starting my new job, and moving to another town, I guess I kinda neglected the forums.

If you have not been receiving the e-mail updates, send your e-mail addy to me ASAP. If you know someone who hasn't been receiving hte updates, have them send their e-mail addy.

The deadline has passed, and we have 566 pages of submissions, even
after I cut my original intended page count of 49 down to a meager
five pages. But take heart— wherever possible, we intend to cut
portions of submissions rather than entire ones. WIth any luck,
keeping every last one of you on board as contributors will be
feasible. If anyone reading this has NOT sent be something by now
(with the exception of Kurt Beaulieu), your chances of inclusion are
very unlikely. If you DO send me something, I would reccomend keeping
it short. A page is good, a fraction of a page is better.

The following people sent me multiple short stories, some of which I
may have to omit in order to keep the thing under 500 pages:

Alex Whitington
Art Baxter
Ben Hutchings
Casey Camp
David DeGrand
David Robertson
Douglas Noble
Glen Smith
Jess Johnson
Mark Lone
Tim Danko
Tim O'Brien

If your name is on this list, tell me if it's acceptable to omit one
or more submissions, and if so, which ones are important to keep in,
and which ones are okay to leave out.

Additional info I'd like from as many of you as possible: What medium
did you draw your submissions in? (Type of paper/size of paper, type
of ink/pen, etc…?) And waht are your artistic influences!

Good work, everyone! Guess that's all for now.

David Recine
From the state that brought you Jeffrey Dahmer, Ed Gein, Colby Cheese, and Pabst Blue Ribbon:
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davidrecine at 9:24PM, Sept. 21, 2006
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Okay, here's the latest update. (Posted here in the paranoia that I left someoen off of the mass e-mailing list:

Hello, all–

All the submissions are in, and as I edit down the multiple submissions, it's looking more and more certain that we'll have room for something from everyone. I want to thank everyone who was willing to let me whittle their stuff down, BTW.

Here's where it gets potentially dicey— ideally, Harker and I want to have this done in time for SPX, or at least have a shorter "teaser" of some sort done by then. We don't know for sure if this goal is attainable, but it's something we're reaching for. To do this, we'll have to have the fucker uploaded to by the middle of the first week of October, a li'l under two weeks from now.

We have a lot of obligations to you— the contributors/co-publishers/co-distributors— that we MUST honor before hitting the presses, even if it means missing SPX.

We'll need to give you a contract guaranteeing your rights as creators. We'll be drawing up an intellectual property contract in the next couple days. In the essence of time, Ian and I would like to e-mail it in PDF format, and have the contributors, print it, sign it, and e-mail in the scanned copy. (You can snail mail us hard copy as well, if you like, but we don’t require it.) Anyone who is able to do this, please let me know. Anyone who can't do this, but is willing to send us an e-mail saying they agree to the contract, also let us know. Also if anyone has problems with or questions about the contract, modifications can be made for individuals or the whole body of signers if need be.

We'll also need to show the layout of this to anyone who feels a need to see the rough cut of the project before giving us permisison to print their work in it. In the essence of time, anyone who is willing to let us print their work without viewing and approving of the rest of the project, please let me know.

If enough of you give us the go ahead to run your work in time for the SPX window, Bam will debut in partial, near-complete or (in my most hopeful dreams) complete form at SPX Those of you who don't reply in time are not off the project at all— the "sample Bams" will contain limited previews of your work, and the promise of more in the full version. (I'm thinking that any sample Bam should be short and cheap as possible so people don’t feel like they're damn near paying twice for the project— what say you, Harker?)

Also, although we said we'd put the cover artwork to a vote, we got virtually no other submissions, and very few opinions on the cover. In the essence of time— does anyone object to David DeGrand doing the cover artwork, and Joe Kletz doing the logo and design?

Remember, this is print on demand. Only a dozen or so BAMs/sample BAMs would even be at SPX, and if people don't like the look, we can modify it almost effortlessly as we print more. (It is also my hope to buy us an ISBN number in the upcoming months, which could be added to the cover.) For that matter, anyone who decides at some point that they shouldn't have joined Bam can drop their work from later printings.

Tomorrow or Saturday, I will be posting and e-mailing my ideas for the terms of the contract. The actual contract should be available by early next week or Sunday, but I definitely need to get feedback from all of you first.

Well, thassall fernow.

David Recine

PS— Kurt Beaulieau— did you mail yours out yet? And Kletz— what's up with teflon mouse? And does anyone have Mark Campos' email? I keep thinking i have it, and it keeps bouncing back to me all mailer-daemon like.
From the state that brought you Jeffrey Dahmer, Ed Gein, Colby Cheese, and Pabst Blue Ribbon:
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