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Nako at 2:57AM, Nov. 21, 2009
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Hmm, is it a good title for a DD community comic about a group of characters who are based on rock bands?

Anyway, this is something me and my cousin (who's going to make a DD account) thought up and here are some (if not all) of the details:

What it is:
- random exploits of a group of characters, each character based on a rock band

How to join this thing:
- just post in this thread that you want to join
- also post a profile of your character/s, with picture/s (please refer to the guidelines below, and you don't have to post this immediately)
- oh, and also include the “job” you want (lineart, colors/tones, or both. scripts are obligatory, hehehe) and your e-mail address, replacing @ with (at) and . with (dot). people, take note of each other's e-mail addresses
- if your characters are based on songs, it would be great if there are links to the songs (either w/ video or audio only)
- you'll all be made assistants (when the comic site here in DD is up), but please don't mess with what others post

Character guidelines:
- a character must be based on a rock band (either local or foreign, and does not have to have English as a main language)
- name, background/history, personality, and appearance can (or can not) be based on any or all of the following:
- band name
- band members
- type of rock
- songs (doesn't have to be all of them, can be a few songs)
- your characters can be related to other people's characters or not, as long as they're all in the group (officially or unofficially)
- characters do not have to be male
- characters do not need to be in a rock band (but they can be, if you want)
- users can have one or more characters, as long as they can be handled

Story guidelines:
- well, I did say random exploits…
- just remember that it's preferable that there's a song reference (doesn't have to be from the band your character/s is/are based on)
- also remember that not everyone has to be in the chapter. some can be left out for a while, to avoid overwhelming…
- chapters also don't have to be chronological

How the thing will go:
- one does a script for a chapter, sends it to the others via e-mail (I really don't think PQ will do, unless it's really short)
- a pair (a lineart person and a colors/tones person) does a page, one of them will post it
- another pair continues, and so on and so forth

Other things of note:
- it would be great if this could have a regular update schedule (like weekly, or twice a month, or something)
- if a person joins in the middle of this, the lineart and color/tone order will be randomized again (after the already-working pair finishes their page. the script order stays the same, since it's dependent on joining order)
- by the way, everyone is obligated to do scripts, but one can choose to do only lineart, only colors/tones, or both

This thing starts when there are at least 5 people, and when my cousin finally creates a DD account. I am so excited!

If there are any questions/comments/suggestions/violent reactions, you're free to post them here.

My character profiles are to come later. I will have a character based on Chicosci and a character based on Green Day. My cousin intends on creating a character based on Bullet For My Valentine. =^_^=
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