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BEWILD Productions needs you!!!! [Artists + Colourists]
Commander_Chaos at 1:32AM, June 22, 2007
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Hokay, so basically I and my associate, black_emerald, want to start up a comic. Problem is, we're both good at writing, not drawing, and he's good at colouring, while I can't colour. So what we're looking for is;
1. An artist who can draw in a realistic, Marvel-esque style and doesn't mind researching the costume etc of a certain time period to make the comic accurate, (though if someone whose art is amazing applies and doesn't want to do the research, I'll do it).
2. A colourist who has a good knowledge of lighting and shading.

There are two possible comics which we would like to attempt with the assistance of such people - the first is a Pirate comic. The basic premise of this comic would be to give an accurate impression of what life was like for Pirates, without the glossy Hollywood coating of Pirates of the Caribbean. The main character, Jakob Sanford, stuck on the Island of Tortuga,(which was a real place by the way), joins a crew to get away from the debauched and dangerous town - only to find himself immersed in a crew of violent pirates he is now unable to avoid. Forced to prove his worth by them, he slowly begins to become that which he fears, until he becomes known as Calico Jake and is feared by ordinary folk as such. Until then he is swept along with the crew of Captain “Howlin' Mad” James Cooke - a relatively old pirate who has gained a lot of respect in the community through many successful raids on merchant vessels. Unbeknownst to the captain, his bosun, the russian pirate Vladimir Nerschevik, has an agenda all his own. He wishes to find his old ship The Twisted Serpent, and salvage it from the Sable Bank, (a mystic Island where the cult known only as “The Albatross”, live), in order to retrieve Odysseus' map to Aeolus' cave.
Why? Because Aeolus was the guardian of the “Bag of Winds”, which was, in effect, a way to control the weather. The Bosun is after this bag, as whoever holds it is virtually invincible on the water.
The rest of the story would maintain a fantasy element, borrowing from Ancient Greek, Aztec, Viking and even Saxon lore in terms of deities and artefacts etc to keep the story itself becoming too dry - the actual infrastructure and rules of pirate life have been researched thoroughly and would be depicted accurately.


The second idea we have is not entirely finalised yet, and would need a while before it is as fully thought through as the pirate comic, (Dead Men Tell No Tales). This idea follows, as with most comics, a struggle of good vs. evil. But this time, the action begins when Lucifer challenges God to a winner-takes-all game of Divine Chess. Divine Chess is essentially the same as regular chess, but differs in several key ways;
1. There is a near unlimited number of pawns.
2. Pawns can become such characters as knights if one of the knights is taken
3. Each piece on the board represents an actual person in the world below, who are often not aware of their involvement. Some pieces are made aware by the agents of either side, and use this to their advantage, as free will is still present.
The action would follow the younger of the White knights, (no older than 20), and, depending on the artists preference, either a young lad whom he takes as his squire, or a woman who is destined to replace the White Queen. In the case of the former, there would be no option for a romantic element to the story, but in the latter, a relationship would form ‘twixt the two.
The setting would be the modern day world, and each of the 8 black and white chess pices would be characters with a backstory, giving opportunities for flashbacks to expand the story. The pawns of course would be minor characters, as they are largely unimportant, though three or four from each side could be developed -One idea for pawn developement is a group of scientists who find out that they are involved and attempt to find a method of escape from the Game.

In closing I add that the artist will get the choice of which project we eventually end up doing, and both artist and colourist would be allowed some creative input - say a script doesn’t flow properly, it can be changed, or if you have an idea for character, plot twists etc, we'd be happy to add your ideas, within reason - after all, we're the writers!.

Peace out & hope to hear from someone soon!

P.S If some interest is expressed I will send a sample of the script for potential candidates to look at.
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Commander_Chaos at 1:34AM, June 26, 2007
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I honestly don't know why I bother posting here - I'm never going to get a reply. Would it be a good idea to post a sample of the script?
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SomaX at 8:34PM, June 27, 2007
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I would be interested, but all I can draw is manga.
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