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By Gawd, I WILL!!
MadTarnsman at 8:11AM, June 23, 2011
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It says step in and rant, so I will….here goes..*ahhrrms*:

OTHER than keeping a clockwork perfect update schedule, yeah…I'd rather not hear about the obvious again…sometimes I have minor medical problems that prevent that, like chronic pain when meds run low….ANYWAY…

How in the hell is anybody supposed to know you updated….really? I stayed on the front page less than 5 minutes yesterday and nobody reads the forums so my announcement there was for naught.

Any thoughts, ideas, rotten produce??

“Life comes at ya pretty fast, sometimes….double tap to the head if it does….”
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JustNoPoint at 8:25AM, June 23, 2011
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Networking can help. And commenting on other ppl's comics will lead ppl to your comic.

Make fan art, do banner exchanges. When I was new I got involved in everything I could on here. And I STILL didn't get a lot of comments till much later XD

It takes time. Just keep at it. I came in and had about 5 comics on my 1st 60 pages all together. By the end I was in the top 5 and had lots of readers/commentators ^_^

Though I had to do a bit of outside advertising to get into the top 5. Without it I made it into the top 20 just within DD by networking with others and being interactive with my audience. Which is another point. Talk to the audience. If someone comments respond back. Ask for feedback. When dealing with feedback either do so in a mature way or the polar opposite :P

Seriously. You can gain an audience just by bad word of mouth and drama if you like. But I kinda don't think it lasts as long. I never tried that approach. Though I did end up on a worst web comics thread. I was very delighted and went there to make sure I could get a few more hits :P

It just depends on how you want to get attention. I like my internet persona to be a bit more noble in character. Though most ppl know it's just that, a character XD

EDIT: Contribute to the awards! Especially when art is needed. The DD Awards get viewed by MANY MANY members of DD. You will have a LARGE audience so you can try to steal the show with your presentations and extras!
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VegaX at 9:14AM, June 23, 2011
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One big mistake you did was update multiple pages at once. Your comic has 71 pages right now and you seem to have uploaded that in big chunks over a couple of days, which is never a good idea if you want to get new readers.

Never update more than one page a day and experiment with updating at different times of the day. Depending on timezone there are times when a lot of people update and the “this just in” changes rapidly and then there's a time where the comics can stay on the list for hours.

Other than that comment a lot on other peoples comics and eventually your reader count will grow.

Hope this helps.

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MadTarnsman at 10:26AM, June 23, 2011
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I understand that, and I weighed uploading them all but I figured they'd been “over there” for so long they'd been read anyway.

I figured my Flock Of The Faithful would drop in to at least keep following the comic and I didn't want them to wait until I'd run through a rerun buffer.

“Life comes at ya pretty fast, sometimes….double tap to the head if it does….”
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