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heymelby at 1:58PM, Feb. 19, 2009
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Hey there everyone. I'm currently starting a guest artist series for my webcomic chad the fat kid. It kicks off tomorrow with Matt Feazell creator of cynicalman. If you are an artist and would like to participate, this is your invitation. I will post them as i receive them.

What I am looking for.
You take on the character of chad the fat kid. Got a humorous story from high school days? or a funny gag about teenage life? Then you are perfect for this opportunity.

Full color or B/W, three panel strip. Download the layout in tif format here,
you can break up the 3 panels into smaller ones if you wish as long as they fit into the 3 large panels. TRY to keep it pg-13, use @#$%^ instead of real swear words. that's it!

When you are done. send the finished high rez 300dpi image file to, please include your real name and a website so people can view more of your work. (this is as much to promote you as it is Chad)
Chad gets an avg. of 1500 views per day w/o me advertising and only updating once a week. He has gotten as much as 100,000 over one weekend w/ advertising. And i will be advertising that guest artist series so it's a good chance to get people to see your work who may not see it normally.

Read some Chad strips at to get your creative juices flowing.

Thanks in advance!>
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