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JoeL_CQB at 12:58AM, April 1, 2009
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cqb epics is starting a new chapter, and for the first few pages there will be a lot of crowd scenes.

i'm kinda lazy and don't really want to come up with designs for people that i'll never draw again. maybe. or make a crowd cast.
“this group of people in chapter 7 look exactly like the same group of people in chapter 4!”

i'd prefer if the characters you guys submit are people, meaning human.

having an anthro thrown into the scene would seem weird seeing that they don' exist in cqb epics.

so yea… I'm also redoing chapter 1 and 2 so the first few pages of those will have people scenes in there too. so yea…

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cool guy at 6:07PM, April 1, 2009
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You can use this guy:

Just take the wings off
This life we live shall soon be past,only what's done for Christ shall last! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
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