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Can I say thank you?
Amelius at 12:33PM, Oct. 1, 2008
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Seriously, we got enough angry “rar!” threads about things not working and bugs galore, but now that some actually got fixed, is anyone gonna say thanks for fixing them? Well, I am going to! My thumbnail image works again, the tutorials are back, and I actually got a reminder that I had a new PQ. Since the other bugs didn't affect me in any way, I'd assume they are fixed too unless I hear otherwise, but this is a positive sign it's being worked on, correct?

So whomever it was that fixed these issues, THANKS!
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amanda at 1:09PM, Oct. 1, 2008
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PIT_FACE at 1:16PM, Oct. 1, 2008
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this is a verry good point. i mean, the bugs, as annoying as they've been, have been taken care of for the most part…at least i'm not having anymore problems. drunk duck's been workin well for me and i'm VERY greatful it hasnt gone under cuase it's a great site and i'd be more pissed if it wasnt there at all, then if it took a little while to fix these glitches.
it IS frusterating when these things happen, but the fact that the site gets fixed with, compared to others, MINIMUM hassle and quickly instead of being thrown to the back of the bunch for a site that's FREE and can promote webcomics quite well, i'm verry happy to see it healthy again and alive. so thank you.

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Hapoppo at 3:35PM, Oct. 1, 2008
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Having worked with HTML, CSS, and a little bit of PHP myself, I can say firsthand that programming and maintaining a website really is a pain in the ass. So while the many bugs that have been popping up HAVE been frustrating, I'm sure they were beating down on the system admins and causing them at least eighteen times the grief they were causing us. So, I fourth the thanks, and really appreciate what you guys're doing for us - it goes pretty far above and beyond the value of the zero dollars and zero cents we pay for DD. Thanks, guys!
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darko4ever at 4:27PM, Oct. 1, 2008
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Agreed for celebration the bugs that I had problems with are now fix.
Sham-pagen for all *Click*
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Jellomix at 2:21PM, Oct. 3, 2008
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Yeah, you're right. Even though it's their job, they should still get some kind of appreciation from time to time. >_> Aw, feel kind of bad.
Then: thanks to whomever~
Sig? Yeah, I'll get to it. >_<
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KingRidley at 11:12PM, Oct. 3, 2008
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The thumbnail bug with me is gone now, which is good. However my PQ inbox is now showing negative numbers every time I open a message. Still, that has a much smaller impact.

So hooray for fixing bugs. Especially because on other forums I visit, having a bug fixed is a freaking miracle.
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Evil_Snuffkin at 5:06PM, Oct. 4, 2008
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A big thanks for sorting out the continual logging out. If that had kept up I think I would have had to leave DD. (With tears running down my face)
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Chernobog at 8:38PM, Oct. 4, 2008
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DD is spiffy. :D
“You tell yourself to just
enjoy the process,” he added. “That whether you succeed or fail, win or
lose, it will be fine. You pretend to be Zen. You adopt detachment, and
ironic humor, while secretly praying for a miracle.”
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Red Slayer at 11:50AM, Oct. 5, 2008
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I gave a silent thank you.
I still get a couple of bugs here an there, but it's all right.
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TheMidge28 at 12:08PM, Oct. 5, 2008
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um… yeah.
But this thread was doing that as well.
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