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Cheap web hosting? [not spam, I swear]
gigatwo at 1:12PM, May 27, 2006
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Basically, the web hosting the service that I'm using atm has upgraded their space and went from great to godly. (It was always a good deal.) Unfortunatly I signed up for a full year, so I've gotta wait before I can get the new deal. Anyways, the chepest deal is $3 per month for 5 gigabytes of data and 100 gigabites of monthly bandwidth. That's pretty damn cheap as far as a lot of other offers that I've seen are, and it seems perfect for someone wanting to host their comic on a seperate site. Obviously the servers support php and mySQL and all that awsomeness too. (It also has a control panel, but that could also be assumed).

Was this link useful to anyone? Does anyone else use a different host, or know of a better one?

(Spang! gave me the okay on this one. He's awsome like that.)
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AQua_ng at 1:25PM, May 27, 2006
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It's spelt awesome. Notice the e. The E.

K.A.L.A-dan! Brigade Captain :D
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Ozoneocean at 1:28PM, May 27, 2006
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Yeah, good deals, but I'd suggest changing the title to something more descriptive of what you're taking about. Maybe "Cheap web hosting? (not spam)"
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Hawk at 10:04AM, May 28, 2006
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You know what? This is VERY useful to me. My provider just upped both their features AND their price, and this deal you've shown me is both cheaper and better.

I may just switch to these guys. My big challenge would be holding onto my domain name while switching hosts so that some greedy company doesn't cybersquat me. How does one go about doing that?
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skoolmunkee at 5:05PM, May 28, 2006
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your domain name won't change until you direct it to the new location, as far as I know.

Dreamhost is also a good host, and they have some deals which are excellent if you put in the right coupon codes. I got a year for $7. Although their deals only work for newcomers, what people usually do when their year is up is just pretend to be a new person and sign up another account and then transfer the domain later. Dreamhost doesn't seem to have a problem with it.

One of the current coupons:

“It seems that Dreamhost has gone even more insane and is now offering 20GB of disk space and 1TB (yes a full terabyte) of monthly bandwidth. They also cut the price on their ”Code Monster“ plan in half.

To get the deal just goto their site and signup for the Level 1: Crazy Domain Insane plan with a 1 year prepay. Then during the signup process enter in the coupon code ”777“ when prompted and viola, you've got way more disk space and bandwidth than you could possibly ever use for an entire year at $9.24”
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gigatwo at 8:22PM, May 29, 2006
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Wow, that's a nice deal. :shock: I'd switch, but I'm too lazy to go through transfering all of my sigs.
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