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Comic seeking Letterers(Badly needed) Colorrists and inkers.
Drifterxgs at 10:52AM, Aug. 16, 2008
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Hello my name is Richard aka Drifter of clockwork gods. We are almost done with much of the major art of the series but we seem to have hit a snag as we have lost touch with our letterer. If you know someone or can decently letter a comic according to script and speech connecting to some really great art. Please let me know on this forum or via pq or email at

We are also looking for a colorist or inker to work on this project with us. It shouldn't be a heavy workload and it should be able to provide quite a name for yourself within the online comics groups once we begin the run on the comic overall. If interested I can send an information packet on the series and your duties.

If you know of anyone or are interested please don't be shy, we would like all the help we could get on this to make it one great comic. So please take some time and see if your interested. Thank you and best wishes. Richard Drifter.

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